Ed Askew – For the World (2013)

Posted by on October 29, 2013
in folk

edEd Askew is best known, if he’s known at all, for his obscure 1968 album Ask The Unicorn on cult New York label ESP-Disk, home to such pioneers of the city’s free jazz scene as Sun-Ra, Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler, and equally out-there folk-rock acts the Fugs, the Godz and Pearls Before Swine.
Stolen glances, forgiven memories and moments of joy are the backdrop of Ed Askew’s wonderful album “For The World”. The record is as considered and reserved is it is full of experience, like discovering a quiet green park in the middle of a busy city. Delicate piano, guitar, banjo and harp mix with Ed’s harmonica and politely support his words as someone who can reflect on chances and choices by way of New York observations and imagined scenes. “For The World” is an articulate album, an elegant album, but foremost it is an honest album.

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