Drive-By Truckers – It’s Great To Be Alive! (2015)

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Drive-By Truckers long awaited live album was recorded over three nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco CA. The bands long-time Producer, David Barbe, acquired the necessary mobile gear to record and flew out to San Francisco to capture their three-night stand in November of 2014. They hired some horns, sold some tickets and played three special and unique shows. From those shows the group have the groups life’s work into one cohesive whole.

1. Lookout Mountain
2. Where the Devil Don’t Stay
3. Sink Hole
4. Made Up English Oceans
5. The Righteous Path
6. Women Without Whiskey
7. The Living Bubba
8. Primer Coat
9. Mercy Buckets
10. Marry Me
11. Tornadoes
12. Sounds Better in the Song

1. Used to Be a Cop
2. Shit Shots Count
3. Runaway Train
4. A Ghost to Most
5. Goode’s Field Road
6. Uncle Frank
7. Putting People On the Moon
8. First Air of Autumn
9. Box of Spiders
10. When the Pin Hits the Shell
11. A World of Hurt

1. Get Downtown
2. Ronnie and Neil
3. Gravity’s Gone
4. Pauline Hawkins
5. Birthday Boy
6. Girls Who Smoke
7. Three Dimes Down
8. Hell No, I Ain’t Happy
9. Shut Up and Get On the Plane
10. Angels and Fuselage
11. Zip City
12. Grand Canyon

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