Dr. John – The Ultimate Dr. John (1987)

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This collection is drawn from Dr. John’s years on the Atlantic label. Drawing from the albums Gris-Gris, Gumbo, Remedies, Desitively Bonnaroo, and In the Right Place it puts his early years as the band leader in perspective. It takes us from the Hoodo-Voodoo sounds of “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” and “Iko Iko,” to the more polished tunes like “Such a Night.” It is a good sampling of New Orleans rhythm & blues of this phase of his recorded years. His long years as a studio musician earned him the respect of the many great “sidemen” (a virtual who’s who of New Orleans musicians) that he has playing with him on this album. If you don’t have early Dr. John this is a necessity. He is at his best here.


1. Right Place Wrong Time (02:50)
2. Such A Night (02:55)
3. Traveling Mood (03:03)
4. What Comes Around (Goes Around) (03:10)
5. Me-You=Loneliness (03:03)
6. Let’s Make A Better World (02:54)
7. Iko Iko (04:08)
8. Let The Good Times Roll (03:56)
9. Junko Partner (04:27)
10. Those Lonely Lonely Nights (02:30)
12. Mardi Gras Day (08:08)
13. Mama Roux (02:55)
14. I Walk On Guilded Splinters (07:57)

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