Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson – The Winning Hand (1982/2020)

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Recorded for Monument in 1982 thanks to the leniency of the artists’ respective labels, Brenda, Dolly, Kris & Willie brought together Brenda Lee, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson for a double album of duets featuring every possible combination of the four, as well as a handful of solo numbers. Certainly a delight for fans of the individual performers, this album is nonetheless too redolent of a various-artists anthology to truly succeed as a piece. Much of the music is highly enjoyable, however, particularly the Dolly and Kris novelty, “Ping Pong,” and Brenda and Dolly’s duet on What Do You Think About Lovin’.” As a bizarre bonus, Johnny Cash provided the half-poetry, half-prose liner notes.


1. Willie Nelson – You’re Gonna Love Yourself (In the Morning)
2. Kris Kristofferson – Ping Pong
3. Willie Nelson – You’ll Always Have Someone
4. Kris Kristofferson – Here Comes That Rainbow Again
5. Kris Kristofferson – The Bigger the Fool, The Harder the Fall
6. Kris Kristofferson – Help Me Make It Through the Night
7. Willie Nelson – Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
8. Willie Nelson – You Left Me a Long, Long Time Ago
9. Kris Kristofferson – To Make a Long Story Short, She’s Gone
10. Brenda Lee – Someone Loves You Honey
11. Willie Nelson – Everything Is Beautiful (In It’s Own Way)
12. Brenda Lee – Bring On the Sunshine
13. Kris Kristofferson – Put It Off Until Tomorrow
14. Willie Nelson – I Never Cared for You
15. Kris Kristofferson – Casey’s Last Ride
16. Willie Nelson – King of a Lonely Castle
17. Dolly Parton – The Little Things
18. Kris Kristofferson – The Bandits of Beverly Hills
19. Brenda Lee – What Do You Think About Lovin’
20. Kris Kristofferson – Born to Love Me

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