Diane Coffee – My Friend Fish (2013)

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Diane Coffee is the side-project, or potentially the main project, of Foxygen’s Shaun Fleming. It’s been a busy year for the Foxygen guys, what with their debut album being released at the start of this year, the news of their imminent break-up making headlines what seems like every other week, and the fact that Jonathan Rado had his own solo album released not too long ago. Surprisingly, Diane Coffee is not only the best side-project that’s come out of the Foxygen camp so far, but it’s arguably at on par with the band’s best work.
My Friend Fish sounds exactly as you’d expect it to sound, full of classic rock nods, funk, and genuine soul, yet it’s incredibly focused, without losing the sense of fun needed to keep an homage like this afloat. Tracks such as “Tale Of A Dead Dog” come across as incredibly unique in their delivery, never feeling overtly derivative, never losing control at the expense of the listener, whilst still retaining all the charm of the genre. It’s also incredible to hear the rather impressive production on display here. “WWWoman” is one track which could have been completely lost with the various different instrumentation on offer, but it never once loses its heart. The following track “New Years”, is perhaps the most fun track on the album, playing with you, toying with your expectations. It’s never explosive, and I guess some people will be put off by the structured nature of the record, but for me I think it allows the melodies and ideas room to breathe and be taken in more fully.

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