David Munyon and Mary’s Band – Meanwhile, Back in Japan (2010)

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DAWith his new 2010 album “Meanwhile back in Japan” David Munyon sets up his second one with “Mary’s Band” from the UK, on his own Record-Label “Mobile Home Records”.Most of the featured talented musicians can also be found on his “Some Songs for Mary” album from 2008. All in all fourteen diverse musical tracks, vary between beautiful Ballads and Love-Songs, cool Blues-Style-Songs, a bit Radio-Pop and some real rocking stuff. The only one on this album which comes only Solo/Acoustic is the nice and melancholic Song “Hare Krishna Christmas” – fits just right for the December release date! Some of my personal highlights are the “Cafeteria Blues”, “OK to Love”, “Painting for you” and with “Finally Scotland” a wonderful homage to his friend and producer Roger Morrish, out there in Scotland.
Everyone who always wants to know how David becomes such a genius musician and guitar-player gets the answer in “Hank Williams taught me how to play guitar”. The most touching Love-Song “San Francisco in the heart”, sung with Dagmar Wirtz, badge the punch line of the 67 minutes running-time CD. A really worth to buy “colourful” album, different to his audiophile Stockfisch products and his only Solo/Acoustic recordings!

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