David Bowie – Live At Beeb Again (2019)

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320 kbps | LINKS

Recorded live at BBC Radio Theatre, London, U.K., June 27th 2000
Complete Show from Master Soundboarding Recording

Backing Vocals, Percussion – Emm Gryner, Holly Palmer
Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Gail Ann Dorsey
Drums – Sterling Campbell
Guitar – Earl Slick
Guitar, Bass – Mark Plati
Piano, Keyboards – Mike Garson
Vocals – David Bowie

A1 – Mike Garson Intro
A2 – Wild Is The Wind
A3 – Ashes To Ashes
A4 – Seven
A5 – This Is Not America
B1 – Absolute Beginners
B2 – Always Crashing In The Same Car
B3 – Survive
C1 – The London Boys
C2 – I Dig Enerything
C3 – Little Wonder
C4 – The Man Who Sold The World
D1 – Fame
D2 – Stay
D3 – Hallo Spaceboy
D4 – Cracked Actor
E1 – Band Intro
E2 – I’m Afraid Of Americans
E3 – Band Intro By Gail Ann Dorsey
E4 – Ziggy Stardust (Aborted)
E5 – Ziggy Stardust
E6 – All The Young Dudes (Aborted)
E7 – The Jean Genie
F1 – All The Young Dudes
F2 – Starman
F3 – “Heroes”
F4 – Let’s Dance

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