Cloud Control – Dream Cave (2013)

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clAustralian quartet Cloud Control are no strangers to taking risky chances, having uprooted themselves from half way around the world to pursue a career in music is no decision for the cowardly. However, their second album Dream Cave feels lacking of almost any sense of ambition or adventure. Rather than further seizing opportunities, the band wallow within uncomfortable musical positions and fairly unremarkable tracks. Despite this inconstancy in the quality of the various elements of Cloud Control’s music, they get it right in ‘The Smoke and The Feeling’; a deep tenor, laidback ode to 90’s dance music with an added synthetic twist. It holds the honour of being my favourite track, much to my surprise considering the album’s dominant indie rock aspects.  But, alas, the follow-up ‘Scar’ becomes just another rather forgettable mess, to a point wherein the chorus feels like a free-for-all between vocalists and guitarist, ending in an incoherent babble.

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