Charley Crockett – Field Recordings, Vol. 1 (2020)

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Charley Crockett’s been running nearly his entire life, but with the title track to his sixth album, the Texas songwriter looks back at where he came from. “The Valley” chronicles his hard upbringing on the south Texas border in San Benito and his single mom’s move to Dallas, but it also distills the essence of Crockett’s fierce and restless independence.

Recorded just a week before the songwriter went under the knife for life-saving open-heart surgery in January, the album stirs with an introspection and urgency to tell his story. It’s a story of an artist searching for his place in the world, absorbing the sounds of the country as he attempts to make sense of the struggles of America and life on the road. It’s a story of exile and promise, as Crockett now runs those same highways playing for thousands of fans.


01. Misery, Trouble & Heartache (Major Waltz)
02. Round This World
03. Diamond Joe
04. Little Birdie
05. All I Can See Is a Train
06. Short Life of Trouble
07. Single Girl
08. Things Have Gone to Pieces
09. One Kind Favor
10. Although There’s a Crowd
11. Hesitatin’ blues
12. Banjo Pickin’ man
13. A Stolen Jewel
14. Darlin’ six Months Ain’t Long
15. Misery, Trouble & Heartache (Minor Waltz)
16. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
17. Goin’ back to Texas
18. Short and Sweet Instrumental
19. Lonesome Homesick Blues
20. Hill Country Gals
21. Just One More
22. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
23. You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
24. Lost in the Lonesome Pines
25. Shoutin’ on the Hills
26. Downbound Train
27. Sweet Heaven in My View
28. Dead or Alive
29. Heartbreak Mountain
30. Misery, Trouble & Heartache (4_4)

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