Buddy Guy – First Time I Met The Blues: 1958-1963 Recordings (2015)

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The compilers of this CD should therefore be congratulated in striking a suitable balance between presenting the various facets of Buddy’s recordings of the period, while putting the emphasis on his manifest strengths. Within the 25 tracks on offer here, there are loads of undeniably taut, intense and passionate blues singing and playing set alongside some rather enjoyable, but admittedly slight, near-pop instrumentals and novelty sides. As a consequence, an hour or so spent listening to this CD is liable to leave you both emotionally spent but happy. Buddy’s performances on Stone Crazy, Sit And Cry, You Sure Can’t Do, This Is The End and the title track of this compilation are just a few examples of blues performances guaranteed to put your emotions through the wringer, while bouncy little instrumentals such as Skippin’ and the frippery of Slop Around are, at the very least, superbly well played and not without their charms.

This set also includes a number of sides that have not often been compiled previously, including Good Times and Too Many Crooks where Buddy throws in some distinctive guitar behind singer Jesse Fortune.

01. Baby Don’t You Wanna Come Home (2:30)
02. Try To Quit You Baby (2:34)
03. First Time I Met The Blues (2:16)
04. When My Left Eye Jumps (3:52)
05. Slop Around (2:05)
06. I Got A Strange Feeling (3:04)
07. Let Me Love You Baby (2:50)
08. Gully Hully (3:04)
09. Watch Yourself (4:01)
10. Stone Crazy (7:08)
11. Hard But It’s Fair (2:21)
12. I Got My Eyes On You (2:17)
13. Skippin’ (3:22)
14. I Found A True Love (6:15)
15. The Treasure Untold (2:00)
16. Ten Years Ago (2:35)
17. American Bandstand (2:00)
18. You Sure Can’t Do (2:37)
19. Baby (Baby, Baby, Baby) (2:08)
20. Sit And Cry (The Blues) (3:01)
21. That’s It (2:37)
22. Good Things (Feat. Jesse Fortune) (2:40)
23. Broken-Hearted Blues (3:18)
24. Too Many Cooks (Feat. Jesse Fortune) (2:50)
25. This Is The End (2:55)

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