Buck n Sunny – The Absolute Truth (2020)

Posted by Green on August 31, 2020as

320 kbps | LINKS

“Thirty years in Nashville will put an edge on you,” says James Hollihan. “When I first got there I was stunned at the level of talent.” Over thirty years of experience in Nashville allowed J, as he’s known to his friends, to put an edge on his skills. As an award winning songwriter, musician, and producer, that edge is what he brings to “Buck n Sunny”, the roots-rock Americana alias that he and his wife Pam record under. Pam brings an instinctive and authentic sound to the music. She sang all of her life in church, like many of the best singers. With no formal training everything for Pam comes naturally; straight from the heart. “I don’t plan things, I just react. The way it sounds is just the way I feel it.” As “Buck n Sunny” Pam and J have honed their sound. It’s twangy, soulful, bluesy, and rocking, and that’s the absolute truth.

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