Bryony Griffith – Lady Diamond (2019)

Posted by Green on July 14, 2019
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English fiddler and traditional singer Bryony Griffith and melodeon player and dancer Will Hampson have played together in various ensembles for the past 20 years. These include Bedlam, The Newcastle Kingsmen Sword Dancers, The Demon Barbers and The Kate Rusby Band, Lady Diamond is their debut as a duo and focuses its attention on Bryony’s distinctive vocals and her fine instrumental skills. Will’s rich melodeon accompaniment establishes a lush and full setting that showcases Bryony’s talents.

The twelve selections on Lady Diamond are traditional in origin and well-researched and annotated. Bryony’s alto voice is reminiscent of Norma Waterson with its seemingly untrained quality with a great deal of ornamentation and power.

This is timeless music owing little to modern styles and with little crossover appeal. However, this is what makes the recording so wonderful. There are no overdubs and it is as if the two performers are playing for you in your parlor. Any one who fancies the music of Waterson-Carthy and its various components will truly enjoy Lady Diamond.

— Tom Druckenmiller

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