Brandon Jenkins – Tail Lights In a Boomtown (2018)

Posted by Green on June 13, 2018as

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Brandon Jenkins is back with a new album, unfortunately he spent the last several days in a hospital bed. Last week Brandon was taken to the ER, and after some testing, it looks like the Red Dirt Legend is going to be getting a new heart valve in the very near future.
First, let’s talk about the new album: There is an overwhelmingly positive feeling in much of Brandon’s music, and that has never been more abundantly clear than with this newest release, ‘Tail Lights In A Boomtown’. I’m sure by now you have all heard “Be the Revival”, but the album is full of uplifting songs like it, all with that Jenkins touch that you can’t mistake for anyone else.

There are 10 great songs on this album, but a few really grabbed me. The album starts with “Turn On The Lights”, a catchy uplifting song (You’re going to notice a common theme here). Next we roll into “Somersault”, an upbeat finger-picker about being one-step ahead. The middle of the album finds us with the slow and steady “Fade to Black” and “Till The End Of The World”. You have yourself a great Stoney duet in the mix, you all know “Be The Revival” by now, but another top-shelf uplifting song is “Other Side of the Wall”, easily my favorite on the album. This is a great release start-to-finish, and it flows well.

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