Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Nathan Salsburg, Max Porter ‎- Three Feral Pieces (2021)

Posted by Green on April 3, 2021
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In the strange uneasy year of 2020, English writer Max Porter started sending Kentucky guitarist Nathan Salsburg scraps of “feral” text. Unfixed things. Abstract fragments beyond the literal plain, incantations and half-spells, burrowing into the language of decay and growth, weirding and wilding, departure and return. Salsburg dug into scoring them, inviting near-neighbor Bonnie “Prince” Billy to contribute to their musical translation, which he did through singing and his own guitar playing. “Three Feral Pieces” is the outcome of their satellite collaboration: composite chants/yearning rites/spring gifts/field notes/anthropocene love spells.

Three Feral Pieces is a gathering of old friends and longtime collaborators. Oldham and Salsburg released an untitled EP together in 2017. Salsburg and Porter assisted with “Bed In The River,” a truly sublime single by Joan Shelley, who plays Wurlitzer on this EP. So, yeah, it’s a family affair.

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