Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – II (2016)

Posted by on August 25, 2016as

z160 kbps | 136 MB | UL | OB

Tour Only cassette.

A1 Monolith Lamb
A2 Song For John And Alma
A3 You Can Like It
A4 Cal’s Song
A5 Gloria
A6 Instrumental
A7 Sixty-One
A8 Pull Your Eyes Out, Molly
A9 I’m On My Way Home Again
A10 On Raglan Road
A11 Blindlessness
B1 Instrumental
B2 Precious Lord, Take My Hand
B3 Because Of Your Eyes
B4 Bertrand My Son
B5 Song For Doctors Without Borders
B6 Black As Grace
B7 My Only Friend
B8 Garden Of Evil
B9 Face Him
B10 Instrumental
B11 What’s Wrong With A Zoo?

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