Bobby Charles – Later Alligator! Recordings & Compositions 1955-62 (2021)

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01. Bobby Charles – Later Alligator
02. Bobby Charles – On Bended Knee
03. Bobby Charles – Don’t You Know I Love You
04. Bobby Charles – Why Did You Leave
05. Bobby Charles – Only Time Will Tell
06. Bobby Charles – Take It Easy, Greasy
07. Bobby Charles – No Use Knocking
08. Bobby Charles – Laura Lee
09. Bobby Charles – Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
10. Bobby Charles – Why Can’t You
11. Bobby Charles – You Can Suit Yourself
12. Bobby Charles – No More (I Ain’t Gonna Do It)
13. Bobby Charles – One Eyed Jack
14. Bobby Charles – Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah)
15. Bobby Charles – Hey Good Lookin’
16. Bobby Charles – Watch It Sprocket
17. Bobby Charles – Ain’t Got No Home
18. Bobby Charles – Lonely Street
19. Bobby Charles – Mr Moon
20. Bobby Charles – I’m A Fool To Care
21. Bobby Charles – Over Yonder
22. Bobby Charles – I’ll Turn Square For You
23. Bobby Charles – Good Lovin’
24. Bobby Charles – Your Picture
25. Bobby Charles – Since She’s Gone
26. Bobby Charles – At The Jamboree
27. Bobby Charles – Oh! Yeah


01. Bobby Charles – Since I Lost You
02. Bobby Charles – The Town Is Talking
03. Bobby Charles – What Can I Do
04. Bobby Charles – Bye Bye Baby
05. Bobby Charles – Those Eyes
06. Bobby Charles – What A Party
07. Bobby Charles – I Just Want You
08. Bobby Charles – Four Winds
09. Bobby Charles – Nothing As Sweet As You
10. Bobby Charles – Teenagers
11. Bobby Charles – Tell Me Baby
12. Bobby Charles – I’d Like To Know
13. Bobby Charles – Lovesick Blues
14. Bill Haley, The Comets – See You Later Alligator
15. Roy Hall – See You
16. Otto Bash – Later Alligator
17. Earl Carroll And The Original Cadillacs – Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah)
18. Fats Domino – Before I Grow Too Old
19. John Fred – Good Lovin’
20. Fats Domino – Walking To New Orleans
21. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – But I Do
22. Fats Domino – It Keeps Raining
23. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – Why Can’t You
24. Frankie Ford – Dog House
25. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – Little Suzy
26. Johnnie Allan & The Krazy Kats – Your Picture
27. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – On Bended Knees
28. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – A Little Too Much

Born Robert Guidry in Abbeville, Louisiana, in 1938, he became famous as songwriter under his birth name, but also had success as a recording artist under the name Bobby Charles, beginning his career as an 18-year-old with an R&B hit with his composition “Later Alligator”, which Bill Haley covered to have a No. 6 pop hit early in the rock ‘n’ roll era. He was very much a pioneer of the Louisiana-based Swamp Pop style alongside Jimmy Clanton, characterised by recordings emanating from Cosimo Matassa’s studio in New Orleans, where Fats Domino, a noted beneficiary of Guidry’s songs, made his records. This 55-track 2-CD set comprises A & B sides and other recordings for the Chess and Imperial labels, including his R&B hits “Later Alligator” and “Only Time Will Tell”. As a bonus, it also features recordings of his songs recorded by other artists, including the hits “See You Later Alligator” by Bill Haley, “Walkin’ To New Orleans”, “Before I Grow Too Old” and “It Keeps Raining” by Fats Domino, and “But I Do”, “On Bended Knees” and “A Little Too Much” by Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry. As such, it provides a fascinating showcase for his talents as both songwriter and artist, underlining the significant contribution he made to the pop music of the rock ‘n’ roll years.

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