Bob McAllen – McAllen (1971, Reissue 2014)

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Amazing 12-string slinging folk singer-songwriter from East Lansing, Michigan. He’s got a bit of a Tim Buckley sound, and he’s a really interesting lyricist. “Lady Today” also features the “Woolies” including Jeff Baldori on lead guitar. “By Candlelight”, subtitled “Love Song to a Cat” is just that but it’s quite a nice piece of folk psych with flugel horn low in the mix providing texture. You can’t beat the honesty of such self-produced music. His vocals and 12-string are both good. “It Depends” has a fast tempo and a dreamy texture with echoed vocals in the 60’s mode. Original sound with lyrics like “I used to walk the fields with a gun – just for fun but now I walk with empty hands again. I do not care for hunting any more – since the war. I will not hunt for animals or men.” More dreaminess on “Guess We’ll Never Be That Way Again” and “Nights Like This”.

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