Blame Sally – Speeding Ticket And A Valentine (2011)

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blThere’s little argument from anyone to say that music is spiritual. Music expresses our deepest longings, passions, pains and joys. Those who go there find a stronger sense of self and others than without it.  Especially gifted musicians are able to bring this sense of spirit to their audience.  If there’s anything to that statement, Blame Sally is an excellent example. A band of four women, over 40, skilled instrumentalists, vocalists, writers and performers; they have defied the odds in finding the kind of success reserved for younger artists. With their decade plus of live performances and recordings they have established a legacy of song combining country, folk, rock, Celtic and strains of classical music, which has brought originality together with a roots sensibility and pop accessibility. The way in which each member is an equal  contributor is reminiscent of the kind of skill and craftsmanship which made groups  like The Band and The Beatles timeless. There is this same ageless, universal quality in the music being made today by Blame Sally. While they are largely acoustically based, they weave in electric instruments and find a drive that is uncommon in the world of folk music. 

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