Bill Mallonee – Discography

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Bill Mallonee (born January 1, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter, most notably the songwriter and leader of Vigilantes of Love, an Americana, alt-country, rock band from Athens, Georgia. Though the Vigilantes disbanded in 2001, Mallonee has continued to write, singing and playing his music solo. Throughout his career many of his songs have focused on his Christian faith and his family. Critically speaking, he is held in high regard as a songwriter, being named one of the 100 greatest living songwriters by Paste Magazine.

2004 – Dear Life
2008 – Live at UCF House
2011 – The Power & The Glory
2011 – Last Days/Early Mars
2012 – Amber Waves
2013 – Beatitude
2015 – Lands and Peoples
2016 – Future Hymns for the New Idolatry

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