Big Star & Alex Chilton Solo – Beale Street Green (1997)

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320 | FLAC

1 Big Star– Another Time, Another Place, And You
2 Big Star– In The Street
3 Big Star– Don’t Lie To Me
4 Big Star– Back Of A Car
5 Big Star– O My Soul
6 Big Star– Mod Lang
7 Big Star– She’s A Mover
8 Big Star– September Gurls
9 Big Star– Out In The Street
10 Big Star– You Get What You Deserve
11 Alex Chilton– My Rival
12 Alex Chilton– She Might Look My Way
13 Alex Chilton– Windows Hotel
14 Alex Chilton– Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
15 Alex Chilton– Shakin’ The World
16 Alex Chilton– All The Time
17 Alex Chilton– Tennis Bum
18 Alex Chilton– Marshall Law
19 Alex Chilton– Train Kept A Rollin’/Mona
20 Alex Chilton– Surfer Girl
21 Alex Chilton– Baron Of Love (Part 1)
22 Alex Chilton– Baron Of Love (Part 2)
23 Alex Chilton– September Gurls

Track 1: Instrumental outtake from #1 Record
Track 2: The single version
Tracks 3-10: Rehearsal for WLIR radio station 1974
Tracks 11-16: Elektra demos 1977
Tracks 17-19: Peter Holsapple sessions 1978-79
Track 20: Sam Phillips studios outtake 1980
Tracks 21-22: Like Flies on Sherbert outtakes 1980
Track 23: Live at The Ocean Club, New York 1977 with the dBs

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