Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2018)

Posted by Green on November 29, 2018as

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Beth Hart makes one hell of an entrance. It’s May 4th, 2018, and the Royal Albert Hall is in blackout. As a sell-out crowd holds its breath in the darkness, a lone figure appears from the shadows and purrs the opening line of As Long As I Have A Song in that unmistakable burnt-honey voice. Taking her time, followed by the spotlight, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter picks her way between the aisles of this iconic London venue, delivering the languid jazz vocal entirely acapella, while shaking the outstretched hands of fans who can’t quite believe what they’re witnessing.

It takes a special talent to command that historic stage. But for the next two hours and 23 songs, Live At Royal Albert Hall will hold you spellbound, as the singer whispers and hollers her hopes, fears and deepest secrets in your ear, making this massive venue feel like a nose-to-nose club show. A thousand interviewers have tried to unpick the fascinating enigma that is Beth Hart. But as Live At Royal Albert Hall reminds us, everything you need to know is right there in her songs – and the intimate off-the-cuff stories she spins before each one.

1. As Long As I Have A Song 02:42
2. For My Friends 04:20
3. Lifts You Up 03:56
4. Close To My Fire 05:29
5. Bang Bang Boom Boom 04:26
6. Good As It Gets 04:40
7. Spirit Of God 05:04
8. Baddest Blues 06:01
9. Sister Heroine 07:00
10. Baby Shot Me Down 03:32
11. Waterfalls 05:39
12. Your Heart Is As Black As Night 06:09
13. Saved 04:30
14. The Ugliest House On The Block 05:54
15. Spiders In My Bed 04:57
16. Take It Easy On Me ) 06:32
17. Leave The Light On 05:58
18. Mama This One’s For You ) 04:11
19. My California 06:21
20. Trouble 05:31
21. Love Is A Lie 03:21
22. Picture In A Frame 04:43
23. Caught Out In The Rain 09:56

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