Belleville – Turn The Medicine Down (2016)

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Nearly 20 years after they first formed in Oakland, CA, Belleville’s well-honed musical craftsmanship has finally yielded their fourth and most fully-realized official album; “Turn The Medicine Down.”

Fronted by guitarist Mark Caputo, whose vocal stylings have never sounded better, Belleville is bolstered by the seasoned talents of such music veterans as Tommy Dunbar (Electric Guitar on Tracks 1, 2, 6 & 7) and Al Chan (Backing Vocals) of the legendary Rubinoos, Jim Bogios (Drums) of Counting Crows and Sheryl Crow (but apparently NOT The Black Crowes), and Suzie Davis (Piano on Tracks 1, 2, 6 & 7) – who not only was in Mick Jagger’s solo touring band, but who played Keys on Prince’s “I Would Die 4U” (from Purple Rain) and played acoustic guitar during Sinead O’Connor’s notorious pope-shredding Saturday Night Live appearance. David Zirbel is back on Pedal Steel Guitar, while Marc Burnstein (Guitar) and David McCullough (Bass) return to their respective spots from the last few years. At the helm for this session as Producer is Grammy-award winning John Cuniberti, whose impressive list of credits includes Joe Satriani, The Neville Brothers, Dead Kennedys, and Kevin Gilbert, among others.


  • George Kaplan says:

    Hello It’s Only Rock n Roll—- any chance of you upping the new Belleville record – Beyond The Pale Blue?? The couple songs I’ve heard are fantastic !
    Anyway, thank you again for all the great music!!

  • Ryk Rostron says:

    Hi. Thank you for all your hard work. I am hoping, if at all possible, you might re-up this album please. I thought I had it in the collection but went looking for it and could not find it. I can listen to it on Spotify but was hoping to listen to it in the car on the MP3 player.
    Bit old fashioned but at 73 even MP3 players are still a novelty. You have quite a bit of music in your archive that I would like to hear as well that have dead links. Are you open to re-ups in general? Fully understand if not.
    Cheers, Ryk

  • Ryk Rostron says:

    Thank you, Ryk

  • George Kaplan says:

    Here’s the new Belleville record ‘Before I Go’ (AAF/wav) released this past Friday.It’s their best yet! Thank you – It’s Only Rock n Roll for turning me onto this band a few years ago! They’re now one of my favorites. THANKS

    From their website:

    Introducing the opening track, “Where the North Winds Blow” by Belleville, an eagerly anticipated release that adds another chapter to the band’s rich musical history. With their roots dating back to the 1980s, Belleville has been captivating audiences with their exceptional songwriting and remarkable performances. Led by guitarist/vocalist Mark Caputo, the band has shared the stage with renowned acts such as Roxy Music, Billy Idol, The English Beat, The Undertones and Oingo Boingo.

    “Where the North Winds Blow”, is a new milestone for Belleville, showcasing their evolution as musicians. The song; meticulously crafted with the band’s signature attention to detail, seamlessly blends indie folk and alternative rock influences. Mark’s emotive vocals & production, Marc Burnstein’s songwriting and other-worldly cigar-box guitar and a great band featuring Jim Bogios/drums, Danny Eisenberg/piano & organ and David McCullough on bass guitar help create the band’s dynamic instrumentation: a sonic landscape that is both introspective and exhilarating.

    Belleville’s dedication to their craft and their ability to create timeless music is evident here, as the band embark on this new chapter. They’re poised to resonate with a broad and diverse audience, solidifying their position as a remarkable force in the contemporary music scene. ~ Natasha Tigre

    1 Where the North Winds Blow 4:54
    2 Before I Go 5:09
    3 I Won’t Be Sleeping Tonight 2:55
    4 Moonlight on the Waterline 3:38
    5 Hangin’ Around 2:38
    6 Let it Go 2:07
    7 One & Only (My Misha) 3:22
    8 Mary in the Window 2:03
    9 Something Good 3:24
    10 Beyond the Pale Blue 3:48

  • George Kaplan says:

    Hello again IORnR – I was hoping you would make this available on your site? It’s really great !

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