Bela Fleck – My Bluegrass Heart (2021)

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Over the last four decades, Bela Fleck has made a point of boldly going where no banjo player has gone before, a musical journey that has earned him 15 Grammys in nine different fields, including Country, Pop, Jazz, Instrumental, Classical and World Music. But his roots are in bluegrass, and that’s where he returns with his first bluegrass tour in 24 years, My Bluegrass Heart. My Bluegrass Heart is the third chapter of a trilogy which began with the 1988 album, Drive, and continued in 1991 with The Bluegrass Sessions. The project features a who’s who of some of the greatest instrumentalists in bluegrass music’s history alongside some of the best of the new generation of players mandolinists Sam Bush, Sierra Hull, and Chris Thile; fiddlers Michael Cleveland and Stuart Duncan; celebrated multi-instrumentalist Justin Moses, bassists Edgar Meyer and Mark Schatz, and the amazing Bryan Sutton and Molly Tuttle on guitar.


1. Vertigo (feat. Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Bryan Sutton) (5:18)
2. The Old North Woods (4:57)
3. Slippery Eel (feat. Billy Strings & Chris Thile) (4:23)
4. Hug Point (feat. Sierra Hull & Molly Tuttle) (5:19)
5. Boulderdash (feat. Tony Trischka & Noam Pikelny) (7:01)
6. Our Little Secret (6:26)
7. Round Rock (feat. Michael Cleveland & Jerry Douglas) (6:10)
8. Baptist Pumpkin Farm (6:12)
9. Charm School (feat. Billy Strings & Chris Thile) (8:03)
10. Strider (feat. Sierra Hull & Molly Tuttle) (7:27)
11. This Old Road (feat. David Grisman & Billy Strings) (4:55)
12. Us Chickens (3:59)
13. Sour Grapes (4:05)
14. Hunky Dory (5:47)
15. Tentacle Dragon (Revenge of the) [feat. Billy Strings] (5:53)
16. Bum’s Rush (feat. Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Billy Contreras, Edgar Meyer & Bryan Sutton) (5:32)
17. Hunter’s Moon (6:18)
18. Wheels Up (feat. Sierra Hull & Molly Tuttle) (4:15)
19. Psalm 136 (feat. Chris Thile) (3:52)

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