Antique Persuasion – Don’t Forget Me Little Darling: Remembering The Carter Family (2015)

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Nashville music publisher and producer Jimmy Metts has created a new tribute to The Carter Family, due for release in the next few weeks.

Entitled Don’t Forget Me Little Darling, the album features a dozen Carter classics performed by a special project group called Antique Persuasion, so named as a further tribute to A.P. Carter. The group consists of Brandon Rickman on guitar, Jenee Fleenor on fiddle, guitar and mandolin, and Brennen Leigh on guitar and mandolin. All three share in the vocals.

Songs chosen include the first and last songs the Carters ever recorded, Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow and You’re Gonna Be Sorry Cause You Let Me Down, respectively, along with another ten songs they were known for performing.

1. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow (4:24)
2. Broken Hearted Lover (3:23)
3. Lonesome For You (3:08)
4. Lover’s Lane (2:38)
5. I’m Thinking Of My Blue Eyes (3:45)
6. On The Sea Of Galilee (3:14)
7. Lover’s Return (3:00)
8. Hello Stranger (3:00)
9. When Silver Threads Are Gold (4:28)
10. You’re Gonna Be Sorry Cause You Let Me Down (3:16)
11. Don’t Forget Me Little Darling (3:01)
12. Dark And Stormy Weather (3:07)

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