Anna Tivel – The Question – Live and Alone (2020)

Posted by Green on May 29, 2020
in folk

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“Long before a song ends up on an album, rough edges all shined up through a hundred live shows and imaginative hours in the studio with good friends, it exists raw and simple, just a feeling and the words that attempt to describe it late at night alone in the kitchen. My fourth album ‘The Question’ came out a year ago and I wanted to share the songs as they were at inception. Writing is a deep drug for me, the most powerful way I’ve found to sort through the mad chaos of my internal world and the achingly compelling worlds of others. I wrote these songs at home, hunched over the guitar for hours and hours like some tangle-headed night beast. I wrote them on tour, in rental cars driving through a mapping of rural towns and vivid cities, in the dusty backstage store rooms of old theaters and bars, and in every motel 6 from here to the blue side of the moon.

Here they are just as they first breathed, recorded to tape and mixed by Danny O’Hanlon who lives down the street and mastered by Jon Neufeld who lives down the street in a different direction. Simple poems wound through the landscape of simple chords. In these strikingly uncertain times, I hope you find a grain of comfort in these small stories of struggle and joy.” – Anna

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