Andrew Bird – Soldier On (2008)

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andThe most remarkable track on the EP is the one that kicks it off, though. “The Trees Were Mistaken” is something new for Bird, and really quite good. It takes the looping technique he’s perfected over the years to a new level, throwing blankets of sound over a programmed beat, with dabs of pizzicato violin and splashes of electric guitar splattered across the surface. Bird joins the layers of texture with his voice, riding the song’s swelling pulse into a thorny den of oscillating violins and eerie whistling. The cover of Dylan’s Oh Sister is way cool .It’s a track that makes this compilation more notable than your average side release-in fact, Soldier On is exceptionally good for a quick collection of rarities, a must-have for fans and a genuine expansion of his range.

mp3 VBR~217 kbps | 56 MB | UL

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