Anaïs Mitchell – The Brightness (2007)

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anInfused with the restless, worldly perspective of a real troubadour. Over the course of 11 songs, listeners are transported to Bethlehem and the Virginia countryside; they bathe in New Mexico moonlight and hear the world whizzing by from the inside of hobo’s train car. Recorded with producer and long-time collaborator Michael Chorney and Handful of Vermont-based artist, The Brightness in anchored by sparse, unpretentious arrangements, whether it’s the charming backwoods banjo of ‘Shenandoah’ Chorney’s warm lap-steel playing, or Mitchell’s acoustic guitar work, which is almost harp-like in its soft, economical beauty. On the rare occasions when the production gets richer, it’s instantly memorable especially the wave of vocal harmony that washes over the chorus of ‘Your Fonder Heart.

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