Amy Black – This Is Home (2014)

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Amy Black’s voice comes alive here, there is a strength there that is growing with each release, and with this one she has truly stretched and given it full reign. Along with her voice becoming even more expressive on this disc she has eleven equally strong original songs and two covers, plus one hidden track. To give these songs and her voice the backing they should have she has enlisted a plethora of top shelf musicians. To give an idea of the caliber of the musicians she has accompanying her here the names include Will Kimbrough, electric guitars, Oliver Wood, electric guitars, and Lex Price, who doubles on electric and acoustic bass, tenor guitar, and Producer, as well as a number of others.

This disc is a full look at the scope of home and what it means, and especially what it means when you fully realize where your roots gained their strength. This Is Home shows the full range of emotion that is universal to growing up when remembering the good, the difficult, the hopes, and the hardships and setbacks we all went through in one form or another. There is no sugar coating here, it is the whole of the experience. These songs show a huge leap from her first disc, One Time, which was thought to be a strong debut.

Amy grew up in the Muscle Shoals area and she recorded a 4 song EP that may be downloaded for free from It is a great addition and displays a strong and confident Amy at her burning best.

This disc gives us a glimpse into the life of the blooming and unfolding singer. She shows signs of pushing the envelop further and stronger. This disc is very good, and it seems to be the beginning of a wonderful recording career. You will be hearing far more from this young woman.

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