Alex Bleeker & The Freaks – Country Agenda (2015)

Posted by on October 15, 2015as

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Until now, the moniker Alex Bleeker and the Freaks generally represented the solo work of Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker, with the Freaks being a fluid lineup. While it’s being released under the same name, Bleeker’s newest album Country Agenda is also something like the Freaks’ true debut; far more so than 2013’s How Far Away, which simply sounded like Bleeker with a backing band, Country Agenda is the product of a collective. First single “The Rest” is excellent, with more-than-faint echoes of a certain beloved, similarly titled song by The Band. But the real influence on Bleeker’s latest release is, without a doubt, The Grateful Dead—there’s even a cover of the traditional “Turtle Dove,” which was made famous by The Dead’s leader, Jerry Garcia. All of these soothing vibes and laid-back tracks make the LP feel as breezy as relaxing on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After all, that’s where it was recorded. With avocados peppering the lyrics and a song actually called “California,” it’s near impossible to imagine Bleeker’s Country Agenda being anywhere else. And why would it be? All the sunshine is there.

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