Alcoa – Bone & Marrow (2013)

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alcEven though Derek Archambault is better known as the man screaming out his guts for hardcore outfit Defeater, his first love may be the music he makes with his acoustic guitar. You see, Archambault has been writing and recording songs in this style long before Defeater came along in 2008, but that band has always been his priority and rightfully so – the band is one of the most loved hardcore acts currently and have toured the world. Still, as a fan of various genres of music, Archambault most likely still wanted to release his brand of folky, acoustic tunes under the surname Alcoa one day. The necessary bump to actually release this material might have come when fans reacted so positively to the acoustic songs featured on the last two Defeater albums. It gave him the confidence in his singing and songwriting ability to move ahead with his vision. Now just a few years later, and Archambault’s releasing his debut solo album, Bone and Marrow, on Bridge Nine.

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