Rick Springfield – Rocket Science (2016)


Rick Springfield is an iconic rockstar who needs no introduction.Rocket Science is the exact same premise, just with a lighter, breezier feel and heavier emphasis on country influences.Rocket Science features some of the most unbelievably catchy songs of Rick’s career. It’s quite simply one hook after another from start to finish. The dressing may be different, but the main course is hit songs.

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Rick Springfield – Song for the End of the World (Tarot Edition) (2012)

‘Songs For The End Of The World’ is the brand new studio album by one of music’s most enduring legends, Rick Springfield.Highlights on the new album include the vintage three-chord rock of “I Hate Myself,” the anthemic “Our Ship’s Sinking,” the mid tempo ballad “You & Me,” and the album opening rocker “Wide Awake.”

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