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gGene Clark White Light is perhaps the greatest of Gene Clark‘s solo albums.White Light was released in 1971 and while it was trippier, dreamier than anything Clark produced before, it paled in comparison to the wild, intricate psychedelia that came later, particularly on 1974′s coke-blown No Other.Compared to that, White Light feels minimalist but Here Tonight: The White Light Demos, a collection released by Omnivore in 2013, is even sparer, capturing Clark alone with his acoustic guitar, working out the songs that would wind up on the finished album, along with tunes that would surface later.

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GENEEarly in 1967, CBS released the original version of this album under the title “Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers.” Perhaps it was ahead of its time. Gene Clark and his producer and friend Jim Dickson weren’t happy with it either. When they learned that CBS planned to re-release the album (feeling that perhaps now its time had come), they decided that all of the original eight-track recordings should be re-mixed and at least some vocals re-recorded.
After a week in CBS L.A. studios, where it all began almost six years before, they emerged with an enormously improved, almost totally different album. Nearly all of the vocals were re-recorded, tracks were brightened, parts buried in the original mix were brought up (in some cases completely changing the sound of the cuts), and in re-sequencing the order of the sides they even removed one song, Elevator Operator, because with five years’ perspective they felt strongly that the song did not measure up the others.’

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