Atlanta Rhythm Section – With All Due Respect (2011)

This album may not contain any “brand new” material, but I love Classic Southern Rock, and I love ARS’s covers of other Classic Southern Rock band’s songs, and their covers from other bands, plus the ARS classics on the album. ARS, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot & The Charlie Daniels Band, and some of the other “Classic Southern Rock Bands” have always had a lot of mutual respect for one another. It is not uncommon for them to “cover” another band’s songs. It’s kinda like a “tribute” to the other band. The Charlie Daniels Band has covered/recorded many songs from some of the other “Classic Southern Rock” bands. They even recorded a cover of Derek & the Domino’s Classic Hit “Layla”, which featured Duane Allman on dual lead guitar, along with Eric Clapton as a tribute to Duane Allman. Also, Molly Hatchet has covered/recorded the Allman Brothers Band Classic, “Dreams”,as a tribute to the late/great Duane Allman. Hatchet’s version is very “up-beat” and “awesome”. I love both versions of the song. Hatchet’s version is on their greatest hits CD. Also, Hank Williams, Jr. has covered/recorded many, many songs, that were written by “Classic Southern Rock” bands.

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