Black Country Communion – Live Over Europe (2012)

Live release from this Rock supergroup featuring Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian. The band is a devastating head-on collision between American and British Rock influences: a true supergroup that delivers a titanic rock experience greater than the sum of its supremely talented parts. Recorded in the German cities of Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Producer Kevin Shirley explains that this live act could be an awesome force of nature to behold; that promised legendary performances like those of our heroes of Classic Rock.

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Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball [Deluxe Edition] (2012)

Wrecking Ball is Bruce Springsteen’s seventeenth studio album. It was produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen and executive producer Jon Landau, and features special guest appearances from Tom Morello and Matt Chamberlain.Wrecking Ball was recorded with a large ensemble of musicians. Some E Street Band members appear on a few of the album’s tracks.It will be Springsteen’s first recording, since the death last year of saxophonist Clarence “Big Man” Clemons, who died from complications from a massive stroke.The first single from the album is its lead-off track, “We Take Care of Our Own.” The announcement makes no mention of the E Street Band, but the single features the backing of a band, indicating “Wrecking Ball” is not a solo acoustic.This special edition of ‘Wrecking Ball’ includes two bonus tracks.

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Chip Taylor – Fuck All The Perfect People (2012)

Chip Taylor made his name by writing “Wild Thing”, best known in The Troggs’ 1966 version of course. After leaving the music business and becoming a professional gambler, he returned in the 90’s, and through the last decade he’s released a score of good albums. His new backing band is called The New Ukrainians, and the first single from their upcoming album is the unapologetically titled title track “Fuck All The Perfect People”.

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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Bat Chain Puller (2012)

A long-lost Captain Beefheart album is to finally be released, on what would have been Don Van Vliet’s 71st birthday. Bat Chain Puller was recorded in 1976 but shelved later that year, due to a dispute between Frank Zappa and his former manager, Herb Cohen.Bat Chain Puller was originally intended to be the follow-up to 1974′s maligned Bluejeans & Moonbeams, after Vliet recruited a new band. Zappa produced the sessions, and tracks like Owed t’Alex and The Floppy Boot Stomp made it all the way to Beefheart’s label, Virgin, as well as several journalists. Unfortunately that’s as far as things got. When Zappa sued Cohen, Bat Chain Puller was caught in the litigation and the album was shelved. Although many of Bat Chain Puller’s songs were re-recorded for subsequent Beefheart releases, the original record has only been available among fans, as a popular bootleg.

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Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Buried Treasures (2012)

Rich Hopkins Buried Treasures is Americana rock and roll with guts like Crazy Horse and the vocal sense of, say Tom Petty.No other Blue Rose artist is a worker as Reliable as Rich Hopkins. The beginning of 2012 will see the release of a new album by Rich Hopkins & The Lumina Rios, Buried Treasures. This is the desert rock institution’s 14th album, not counting the other projects like Hopkins is Involved with the Sand Rubies or 2008’s epic honeymoon Loveland with his partner Lisa Novak. It’s amazing how Rich, who has Entered music history as the quintessential desert rocker, riding schools to reinvent himself and motivate himself for yet another album and tour. Buried Treasures is a case in point. Rich sounds rejuvenated on this album Positively All which ranks among the very best of his storied career.

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Roger Creager – Surrender (2012)

Roger Creager, who is know as a staple on the Texas Music scene with his amped up performances and loyal following, just released the long awaited album, ‘Surrender’. It is the first album since ‘Here It Is’, which was released back in 2008. Creager co-wrote all songs except the Bob Marley Classic, “Redemption Song”.The first track on the album, ‘Turn It Up’ is the perfect opening song for not just an album, but for a live show as well. “I get out on the open road, I let the wind blow through my soul, at the wheel I’m captain in command, I’m a rambling man I won’t be tamed, I’m a throwback to the good old days, some call me an outlaw…maybe I am, when a Waylon song comes on in my truck, I don’t turn it down, I turn it up”.  I firmly believe every musician needs a song about life on the road and this song certainly makes it to the top of my road trip playlist.Creager nails his Texas take on Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. ‘Crazy Again’ is a song about a man who’s matured but at times wants to slip back into his wrestles ways when he doesn’t have to hold his tongue “Go back to when I didn’t give a damn, I used to be wild like that west Texas wind” and ‘I’ll Take Anything’ has some serious radio potential singing about ‘cranking this party to sheer perfection’. Give this song one listen and you will have no doubt you are listening to the same wild guy who brought you ‘Everclear’ so many years ago.Creager has a strong, country voice that oozes southern charm. His style and memorable lyrics will continue to win fans over again and again.

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Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband (2012)

As charged with ritual significance and promise as the basic art form may be, it’s actually hard to find good modern blues records. Cheap production values with too many horns and rote shuffles clutter the landscape, and original voices are disappointingly scarce. But every now and then an album like Otis Taylor’s latest comes along in a gust of inspiration. Across these 14 tracks, Taylor shows a stunning range while studiously avoiding clichés.

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The Froggy Mountain Boys – Route77 (2011)

This full-length debut recording from the all-star swing band The Froggy Mountain Boys is loaded with fifteen swingin hot cuts of country-gypsy love for you! Lots of classic tunes and a couple of originals as well. This album was recorded entirely live and acoustic with no overdubs one day in October of 2011 .

Aaron Jonah Lewis – Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals
Johannes Hagenloch – Bass, Vocals
Laurin Habert – Clarinet, Vocals
Laurent Humeau – Guitar
Roland Satterwhite – Fiddle, Vocals

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Passenger – All the Little Lights (2012)

All The Little Lights‘ is the much anticipated 3rd official album release from continent hopping troubadour Passenger (AKA Mike Rosenberg). Recorded at Linear studios in Sydney and co-prodcued by Chris Vallejo over the Autumn of 2011 this is an album that has the sound of an artist coming of age. As always, there’s a certain element of the youthful Cat Stevens in the tenor of Mike’s voice that tells you the emotions that drive his songs aren’t very far beneath the surface. Recorded again in Sydney, for the new album, All The Little Lights, Mike was joined once again by a core Australian band that included Boy & Bear drummer Tim Hart, jazz bassist Cameron Undy, who also played on Flight Of The Crow, and keyboards player Stu Hunter, from Katie Noonan & The Captains. If there’s a theme to be drawn from the album it’s not just the usual stock-in-trade of the travelling troubadour – love – but the love of life itself. It’s been a remarkable journey for Rosenberg, a journey that has inspired some of the finest songwriting you’ll hear anywhere, whether on a street corner, a sweaty rock’n’roll room or a concert stage. Listening to him, whether on record or in performance, you can tell he’s having the time of his life, and it’s all there on his new album, All The Little Lights.

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Eleven Hundred Springs – Midway (2012)

Eleven Hundred Springs next album “Midway” is the band’s 9th and is a blend of live recording, studio recording, and scaled down acoustic recording. With Matt & Steve’s expertise in the studio, it is no secret that the band is capable of recording a great sounding album.Eleven Hundred Springs is a Texas Country rock band from Texas. Their influences include Willie Nelson, Buck Owens and Doug Sahm. They are known as one of the few remaining outlaw country bands.Formed from the remnants of Dallas rockabilly band Lone Star Trio in 1998, EHS was founded by Matt Hillyer (lead vocalist, guitar, primary songwriter),Richie Vasquez(drums and harmony vocal) , Steve Berg (upright bass, harmony vocals), and Jason Garner (fiddle). It started as an annual Monday night show at Adair’s, a honky-tonk and hamburger “joint” in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas, TX. Richie Vasquez left the band due to a prior road/gig commitments and suggested Bruce Alford.

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Brian Francis Slattery and the Slick Six Five – Pictures from a Liberation (2011)

Brian Francis Slattery sings, shouts, and chants passages from his novel, LIberation, while fronting an astonishingly versatile band that ranges far across America’s musical landscape without dropping a single beat.Pictures from a Liberation is recorded in all live takes, no overdubs, with myself on vocals backed up by a really talented New York City band steeped in American music: John Pinamonti on guitars, Nate Landau on bass, Charlie Shaw on drums, Jeremy Goddard on keys, and Brian Wecht on keys and saxophone.

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Andre Williams – Hoods & Shades (2012)

New release by Andre Williams called Hoods and Shades. The release consists of 9 tracks teaming up with Matt Smith and with Dennis Coffey on guitar. Andre ventures into a folk/rock/psychedelic/ R&B zone. Other guests include Jim White (Dirty Three, Cat Power), Greasy Carlisi (Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding), Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs) and Don Was. The first song, Dirt, is a straight forward uptempo blues track. It is followed up by A Good Day To Feel Bad, which is a rhythm track with spoken word and tasty guitar riffs played behind. I’ve Got Money On My Mind is an interpretation on Snoop with a little James Brown and jazz flavor. Hoods and Shades (the title track) again more of spoken word over a rhythmic background is interesting and has cool guitar soloing throughout. Jawdropper is back to a basic boogie. Andre uses his singing style but really is again more of a talking voice. It is a nice contrast to what I am accustomed to. Again a cool guitar riff. Hu-Matic Man, a more swampy blues tune, has nice guitar riffs and moves along at a shuffle beat. Mojo Hannah is a real swampy song almost like a Dr John Voodoo song from Lousiana. Swamp Dog’s Hot Spot is a pretty cool story song again with a mystic kind of aura again with some laid back undertones. The last track, Gimme, is a bit more uptempo but again consistent with the balance of the recording.

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The Chieftains – Voice of Ages (2012)

The Chieftains’ 50th anniversary album Voice of Ages, featuring collaborations with some of the hottest nu-folk, indie and alt country artists going around and produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett.Voice of Ages is a journey through the relationship between American folk music irlands and traditional, from reels to the country, through the hornpipe and bluegrass. In addition, a sample of Indie folk to travs of 13 bands.


01 – Carolina Rua (With Imelda May)/Reel – The Ladies Pantalettes
02 – Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies (With Pistol Annies)
03 – Pretty Little Girl (With Carolina Chocolate Drops)
04 – Down In The Willow Garden (With Bon Iver)
05 – Lily Love (With The Civil Wars)
06 – The Lark In The Clear Air/Olam Punch (With Punch Brothers)
07 – My Lagan Love (With Lisa Hannigan)
08 – When The Ship Comes In (With The Decemberists)
09 – School Days Over (With The Low Anthem)
10 – The Frost Is All Over (With Punch Brothers)
11 – Peggy Gordon (With The Secret Sisters)
12 – Hard Times Come Again No More (With Paolo Nutini)
13 – The Chieftains Reunion
14 – The Chieftains In Orbit (With NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman)
15 – Lundu (With Carlos Nunez)


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Ray Beadle – Spellbound (2011)

Ray Beadle is an established Australian blues musician. After more than 10 years Ray is still very young for his considerable talent was noticed in the early part if this century performing  a 3 month residency with the house band in B.B King’s Club in Memphis and Buddy Guy’s Blues Club in Chicago as well as several Southern Blues festivals in the US of A. While in the states Ray recorded with Mark Sallings and has also had the privilege of performing with American greats such as Andy Just, Dave Bowen and Chris Cain.

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Texas City Revelators – Stand (2011)

That pretty much sums up what the Texas City Revelators are all about.This band has been compared in magazine and online reviews to great bands such as the Allman Brothers, ZZ-Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Outlaws, and Molly Hatchet to name a few.They have that typical 70s Midwestern US sound, and people who like any of the mentioned bands will love the TEXAS CITY REVELATORS. The band has a good singer and some of their songs are really good like Eye of the Needle, Tromp, Freedom Forever, and Mama said. Recommended to fans of Southern rock.

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Rhino & The Ranters – The Hanging Room (2011)

Rhino and the Ranters hit the London scene in 2010 and in a short amount of time managed to create quite a stir in the capital.Rhino and the Ranters is a full bodied and flavourful maelstrom made with a roux of Skiffle/ Bluegrass/ Rockabilly/ Cow Punk; tinged with Klezmer, haunted by Voodoo. From this dark melee trips a rocking, stomping, hollering, hootenanny resting in the marrow of your bones.Accordion to local legend, however, the ‘Ranter’ crystalised in the swamps of the Bayou and the salt of the Baltic Sea. Was tossed in the tempests of Irish winds, lost in the smog of Birmingham, then crawled from the creep sneaks of Camden.

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Heritage Blues Orchestra – And Still I Rise (2012)

With a distinctly contemporary and adventurous vision, Heritage Blues Orchestra takes its audience on a rare musical ride. The group carries us over the main highways and big-city streets as well as the dusty back roads of the American south while weaving its way to the crossroads where Blues and the roots of early Jazz were born. H.B.O. draws its sound from field hollers, work songs, spirituals, soaring gospel voices and the hard-driving rhythms of the deep Blues from the delta and the hill country of northern Mississippi. The group is driven by three voices, two guitars, drums/percussion, harmonica and a fiery four piece horn section (tuba, 2 trumpets, trombone, saxophone).

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Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band – Bluesland (2011)

Canadian Juno winner Bill Bourne’s much anticipated new album Free Radio Dance Band aka Bluesland opens with his own signature Folk/Blues sound laced with an electric and youthful Rock & Roll infusion. As he is known to do Bill has collaborated with some remarkably talented musician friends for this new album resulting in a successful synergy of sound.The group is an unprecedented junction between aptly skilled up & coming guitarists Moses Gregg and Pat Bourne, and the amazing musical talents of drummer Miguel Ferrer, guitar master Pa Joe, and of course the incomparable Bill Bourne.

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Julian Sas – Bound To Roll (2012)

Julian Sas’ new studio album is called Bound To Roll. Like a big freight train the Dutch blues-rocker adds in the album’s title track and that’s a pretty accurate description of his approach to making music.Besides 9 new Sas originals, Bound to Roll also features three covers;  Rory Gallagher’s  Shadow Play, Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and Humble Pie’s 30 Days In The Hole (their seventh single and also included on their Smokin’ album) About the choice of these songs Julian explains:  ‘Shadow Play’ totally reflects my feelings about the recent period of my life. Especially the text. The song fits perfectly with my own songs. Dylan’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’, is just a killer song, the groove, the lyric – everybody needs to get rid of something on Highway 61, personal or other. This is also the track that made me fall in love with playing slide.  ‘30 Days In The Hole’;  Steve Marriott is one of my favourite singers and writers. This song I wanted to record because of the aggression of the riff, a lot of anger, one of the greatest rock-riffs ever.

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Pegi Young & The Survivors – Bracing For Impact (2011)

Her third release, and second for Vapor Records, the 11-song disc spotlights Pegi s beautifully spare and resonant vocals, world-weary and eloquent lyricism, and hushed yet immediate emotional landscape. Bracing For Impact features Pegi once again accompanied by her acclaimed recording and touring band, the Survivors: legendary keyboard player Spooner Oldham on piano, bassist Rick Rosas, guitarist Kelvin Holly, and drummer Phil Jones. The album was produced by Pegi Young with the Survivors, with the exception of the final track, “Song For A Baby Girl, ” produced by Elliot Mazer.

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