The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose [Limited Edition] (2013)

flThe Flower Kings – the masters of cinematic and melodic symphonic rock are back with their new studio album!
“Desolation Rose” is an epic 10 song cycle; an album that revolves around some of the more disturbing observations of mankind’s failure to create the paradise they once hoped for – and the greed, fear and ignorance that caused that failure.
From the opening 14-minute tour-de-force that is ‚Tower‘, right through the moody swagger of ‚White Tuxedo‘ and beyond, this album sees the band crafting what might be their most varied album yet.
The Flower Kings are truly back where they belong, at the beating heart of the modern day progressive rock scene, and ‚Desolation Rose‘ is a testament to their continued vibrancy, sonic potency and determination to keep the music driving forward.

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Birds And Buildings – Multipurpose Trap (2013)

BSecond album by American progressive/jazz-rock group influenced by King Crimson, Magma, Cardiacs, Gentle Giant, Deerhoof, Tortoise, Etna, and Dunaj.


1. The Dumb Fish
2. Horse-Shaped Cloud
3. Miracle Pigeon
4. East is Fort Orthodox
5. Secret Crevice
6. Tragic Penguin
7. Catapult
8. Aviator Prosco
9. Abominable Pelican

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Big Big Train – English Electric Full Power (2013)

biBig Big Train have brought together the two English Electric CD’s as a double album called English Electric: Full Power, featuring four new tracks and a 96 page booklet which tells the stories behind the songs on the album. Big Big Train won the Breakthrough award at the Progressive Music Awards in 2013. Praise for Big Big Train: ‘the prog equivalent of the Olympics opening ceremony’ Geoff Barton, Classic Rock magazine ‘what we’re dealing with here is an act of rare, often indescribable brilliance’

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The Prog Collective – Epilogue (2013)

PRThe second Prog Collective project holds a series of intrigues for fans of Yes, as still more final recordings from the late Peter Banks surface. Another track features a partial reunion of the Going for the One-era lineup of Yes, with bassist Chris Squire and keyboardist Patrick Moraz. Elsewhere, Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes and Tony Kaye join producer Billy Sherwood, himself a member of the band in the 1990s.
Long time followers still stung over Peter Banks’ sudden death likely would have been thrilled to have heard his contributions to “Tomorrow Becomes Today” without the distractions of a lyric — Sonya Kristina is the featured singer — yet the track still provides a few glimpses of what the late Yes co-founder brought to every project: His guitar floats over the proceedings like a cerulean question mark — only to brilliantly switch gears, as Banks unleashes a torrent of fire-kissed interjections. Larry Fast rounds out this track’s all-star lineup.
Jordan Rudess and Steve Morse share lead duties on the propulsive “Adding Fuel to the Fire,” with a lead vocal by Fee Waybill. “Shining Diamonds,” a moment of fun math-pop, finds Squire and Moraz joining guitarist Steve Stevens and vocalist Alan Parsons. Nik Turner and Downes join Sherwood for “In Our Time.” “Memory Tracks,” another in Sherwood’s examinations of the way technology has transformed our private lives, showcases Roye Albrighton on vocals. “Just Another Day,” which features both Sherwood on vocals and Tony Kaye on Hammond, sounds the most like their on-going collaboration as Circa:, with a smart assist on guitars from Gary Green.

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Sarastro Blake – New Progmantics (2013)


01. The Lady Of Shalott (ft. Nick Magnus)
02. Clare’s Song
03. Scotland The Place (ft. Dave Lawson)
04. Sonnet 116 (ft. Serena Bossi)
05. Stanzas For Music (ft. Rick Wakeman & David Paton)
06. Prelude To The Highlands
07. My Hearth’s In The Highlands (ft. Amanda Lehmann)
08. Remember (ft. Richard Sinclair)
09. Flaming June (ft. Billy Sherwood)
10. Beyond
11. Solitary Bench (Remastered Version)

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Matt Berry – Kill The Wolf (2013)

MOrotund actor, comedian and writer Matt Berry – late of The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, for starters – could be the James Mason of his generation, rolling in voiceover clover, were it not for a startling propensity to burst into adamant song. It came as little surprise, therefore, that Berry’s 2011 acid-folk album Witchazel was as accomplished as it was: but more than a few listeners were taken aback by its apparent sincerity, give or take the odd (very odd) lyric.
Kill The Wolf is arguably even more impressive than its precursor in this respect: a mandolin, woodwind and tremolo guitar-inflected sound picture of the brown downs, harvest fecundity, fire-lit rites and crow-black folklore of sweetly sinister old England. Accordingly, Gather Up and the enticingly melodious October Sun come across like refugees from the Wicker Man soundtrack: postcard depictions of beaming, ruddy-cheeked, field-tilling sons and daughters of toil, but with a darkly unknowable subtext. While Knock Knock and The Signs admittedly veer close to theatrical, declamatory pastiche, Solstice – which laudably endeavours to track the journey from the shortest to the longest day – is nine-and- a-half minutes of bona-fide neo-prog: a shimmering three-way between Camel, the Super Furries and David Gilmour.

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Spock’s Beard – Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep (2013)

spockAlan Morse / Guitar & Vocals – Dave Meros / Bass, Bass Pedals, Keyboards & Vocals –
Ryo Okumoto / Keyboards & Vocals – Ted Leonard / Lead Vocals & Guitar –
Jimmy Keegan / Drums & Vocals


01. Hiding Out (7:15)
02. I Know Your Secret (7:42)
03. A Treasure Abandoned (8:57)
04. Submerged (5:00)
05. Afterthoughts (6:09)
06. Something Very Strange (8:23)
07. Waiting For Me (12:36)
08. The Man You’re Afraid You Are (7:14)
09. Down A Burning Road (6:52)
10. Wish I Were Here (6:37)

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Spock’s Beard – Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

s Musicians:

Alan Morse – Guitar & Vocals
Dave Meros – Bass, Bass Pedals, Keyboards & Vocals
Ryo Okumoto – Keyboards & Vocals
Ted Leonard – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jimmy Keegan – Drums & Vocals
Craig Eastman – violin, viola, hurdy gurdy (7, se2)
John Boegehold – vocoder (6)
Neal Morse – guitar (7)
Stan Ausmus – guitar (se1)

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