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Tim Grimm – The Turning Point (2013)

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51khM8xfVdLBesides popular and very respected, singer/songwriter Tim Grimm form Indiana (USA) is an actor too. He played in films with Harrison Ford etc. That’s probably why he is a storyteller par excellence who makes the characters in a song come alive. Like a video in audio. Musically Tim Grimm walks that fine line between folk and country, while maintaining a strong footing in tradition. You hear the rural rumblings that have shaped his life, but you are also invited into a bigger picture, as evident in so much of his work. Critics searching for comparisons most often cite Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie and (Nebraska era) Bruce Springsteen. Tim Grimm’s new record ‘The Turning Point’, features a bunch of wonderful guests, including Harpeth Rising, Cindy Kallet, Beth Lodge-Rigal, Jason Wilber (John Prine’s sidekick for many years), Jan Lucas, Connor Grimm and newgrass band, The Underhills. One of the many highlights on the album is ‘Anne of Amsterdam’ in which Grimm describes in words and music his thoughts and emotions after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

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Busby Marou – Farewell Fitzroy (2013)

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buzTwo years on from their acclaimed self-titled debut, Busby Marou will release Farewell Fitzroy – 12 tracks of folk-pop and country-tinged song craft, distinctly Australian storytelling, and the gifted musicianship of Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou. Busby Marou’s music is pretty similar throughout Farewell Fitzroy, and also to their debut album. It’s country/folk/indie, but the biggest range in songs is from really country (such as Keep Me Hanging On) to more rock (Heard It All Before). The most individual track on Farewell Fitzroy is its closing number, Waterlogged. Waterlogged is a very tropical sounding track that opens with bird song and ukulele. There’s some really interesting percussive instruments used, which gives it a real tropical rainforest kind of feel, which is fitting since the song is all about the Fitzroy River breaking its banks, a regular and disastrous occurrence in recent years.

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Odd Hugo – Odd Hugo (2013)

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oldIngredients of Odd Hugo are somewhat different – blues, indie rock, folk, and soul, among others – but they treat them as a cook would treat his ingredients.


01.Y&X (A Dispute Between)
02. Mumblewalk
03. These Grey Fields
04. When I Was Just A Lit`Boy
05. I Have A Story
06. Do I Offend You
07. A Song For Ashes
08. Kissing In The Falling Rain
09. Nothing Like You
10. Three Bullets
11. Identiphobia

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Elizabeth MacInnis – One Eye on the Highway (2013)

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Singer/Songwriter Alternative Country Artist Elizabeth MacInnis began 2013 by taking her amazing voice, an inspired collection of songs and a lifetime worth of experience and passion to the Los Angeles studio of famed producer Billy Sherwood. The collaboration resulted in a stunning collection of songs as Elizabeth’s masterpiece, “One Eye on the Highway”.  Born and […]

Bill Blue – Mojolation (2013)

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Mojolation is the first studio release in thirty years from blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, Bill Blue. Mojolation features many of Bill’s friends who came together to help him make the record, including drummer Richard Crooks who has played with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen and UK guitarist Matt Backer who has played […]

Daniel John Martin – Urban Gypsy (2013)

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On this striking album, Daniel John Martin’s body and violin become one; his singular voice seems to embrace the notes as would a brook rocking in its bed. The new compositions regrouped here on Urban Gypsy will acquaint you with Martin’s energy and subtlety, his power as well as his restraint. Musicians: Daniel John Martin […]

Luke Temple – Good Mood Fool (2013)

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After the release of Here We Go Magic’s latest effort, the Nigel Godrich produced A Different Ship, frontman Luke Temple jumped back into the studio to indulge in a playful new direction not found in his band’s discography or his three cerebral folk solo offerings. Bringing only the bare essentials with him, Temple recorded Good […]