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Star Anna – Go to Hell (2013)

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stGo to Hell is the anticipated new album from the Seattle based Star Anna that was to released on September 24th, 2013 through Spark and Shine Records. It is a folk rock record with the kick of a barroom band’s rockabilly swagger. The songs are drenched in soulful singing and have a feeling that can only be described as Americana in the sense that these songs sound like they could be from any smoky bar or studio located off any back highway from almost anywhere in America, but at the same point can only have come from one person’s specific life experience. The songs themselves are all of slow to medium pace with steady shuffling drumbeats, keyboards, vibraphones, and guitars thrown in to create the canvas of music that allows Ms. Anna to paint over by digging in and belting out her vocals with passion and emotion. She sings of love and loss, personal relationships, pain, and redemption, nothing new for an artist to reflect upon, but Ms. Anna’s vocals are just so strong that when she holds the mirror up to her life through her words, you may just see something of your own in there.

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Johnathan Rice – Good Graces (2013)

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JONGood Graces is the third full-length LP from gifted songwriter Johnathan Rice. It’s Rice’s first solo record since 2007’s Further North, while he recently teamed up with his romantic muse and songwriting partner Jenny Lewis for the excellent Jenny and Johnny in 2010.
Although Good Graces is not an official Jenny and Johnny record, the chemistry between Rice and Lewis (not to mention The Watson Twins, Wiley Gelber of Dawes, and Jason Boesel on drums) keep the winning J&J spirit alive while keeping Rice at the helm. Where Jenny and Johnny found the pair trading leads like John and Paul while joining in endearing harmony for the choruses, Good Graces doesn’t stray far from the formula but it keeps Rice as the vocal anchor.

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Alcoa – Bone & Marrow (2013)

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alcEven though Derek Archambault is better known as the man screaming out his guts for hardcore outfit Defeater, his first love may be the music he makes with his acoustic guitar. You see, Archambault has been writing and recording songs in this style long before Defeater came along in 2008, but that band has always been his priority and rightfully so – the band is one of the most loved hardcore acts currently and have toured the world. Still, as a fan of various genres of music, Archambault most likely still wanted to release his brand of folky, acoustic tunes under the surname Alcoa one day. The necessary bump to actually release this material might have come when fans reacted so positively to the acoustic songs featured on the last two Defeater albums. It gave him the confidence in his singing and songwriting ability to move ahead with his vision. Now just a few years later, and Archambault’s releasing his debut solo album, Bone and Marrow, on Bridge Nine.

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Aaron Ross – Bliss (2013)

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Tracks: 01. Happy Endings 02. Do The Right Thing 03. A Road With No Name 04. If You Only Knew 05. Savanna 06. Tommorow’s Ruins 07. What Have I Become 08. Just A Wreck / Chameleon Eyes 09. Russian Roulette 10. Magnetic Feel 11. Zero 12. Every Shade Of Blue mp3 320 kbps | 141 […]

Tyler Ramsey – Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea (2011)

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North Carolina’s Tyler Ramsey is a nice finger style guitar player, sings well enough with some Neil Young overtones in there and writes a good song. He also records and, presumably, writes with an old Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine which lends a certain retro funkiness to things but at what point is cheesy […]

Rusty Truck – Kicker Town (2013)

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Mark Seliger is one of the most accomplished rock photographers ever – his credits include 125 covers for this magazine alone. Turns out the 54-year-old Texas native has an impressive side gig, too: fronting the L.A. country-rock band Rusty Truck. On their second LP, Seliger’s well-crafted songs are backed by fine-grained guitar textures from great […]

Boney Fields & the Bone’s Project – Changing for the Future (2013)

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Like a high energy gunpowder trail, dispensing a cross of blues and funk which unites and rallies the masses in a heavenly musical communion. Fronted by the dynamic, trumpet player, singer/songwriter Boney Fields, the combo has gained a bigger and bigger following. mp3 320 kbps | 124 MB | UL | CL | TB