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Messer Chups – Church of Reverb (2013)

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1. Cemetery Beach
2. Surf ‘N’ Rolla
3. Less Playboy More Cowboy
4. Mickey Rat
5. Zamboanga
6. Padre Pizzicato
7. Saloon Bloodweiser
8. Rockin’ Zombie
9. Black Saddle
10. Dracula Hates Photoshoots
11. Human Jungle
12. Hula Tikula
13. Harlem Nocturne
14. Popcorno Revenge

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The Beach Boys – Made In California [6CD] (2013)

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81mtTcr1FGL._SL1500_The Beach Boys have opened their archives for a new career-spanning, six-CD collection titled Made In California, capping the legendary band’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. Made In California features more than seven and a half hours of music, including more than 60 previously unreleased tracks.Made In California chronologically charts the 50-year career of America’s Band, from their earliest demos to their most recent recordings. With huge hits and rare gems including never-before-released original songs, home demos, alternate takes and mixes, and live concert, television and radio performances, the set showcases the breadth and diversity of The Beach Boys’ recorded catalog and illustrates the band’s unique and evocative West Coast story. From ‘Surfin’ Safari’ to ‘God Only Knows,’ ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and ‘Good Vibrations’ to ‘Kokomo,’ The Beach Boys’ canon boasts a masterful versatility that is unparalleled in American popular music.

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Torpus & The Art Directors – From Lost Home to Hope (2012)

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toSönke Torpus (vocals, guitar, harp), Susanna Morgenstern (vocals, violin), Ove Thomsen (vocals, reed organ, mandolin, banjo, accordion), Melf Petersen (vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin), Daniel Jackson (vocals), Jochen Hansen (contrabass, pedal steel), Felix Roll (drums)

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Hobart Smith – In Sacred Trust ~ The 1963 Fleming Brown Tapes (2005)

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On this album of never-before-released work, mountain music virtuoso Hobart Smith(1897–1965) plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, and piano in addition to singing, clog dancing,and reminiscing. Taped shortly before he died by fellow banjo player Fleming Brown,Smith brings us back to a vanished era in these deeply personal recordings. 80-page book, historical photos, lyrics,two tablatures, 36 tracks, […]

The Wild – Dreams Are Maps (2013)

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Tracks: 01. There’s a Darkness (But There’s Also a Light) 02. New Houses 03. Dreams Are Maps 04. New Bedford (A Better Life) 05. Riverside 06. Songs by Heart 07. Cut from the Cloth 08. Five Senses (Everything Will Change) 09. Places We’ve Never Been 10. Come Home mp3 320 | 84 MB | UL […]

Will Courtney – A Century Behind (2013)

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Will Courtney’s debut solo release A Century Behind, is a longtime coming and  will finally be released in April.The haunting organ tones, acoustic and surf-rock guitars, along with Will’s smooth vocals make “There’s No Answer”  one of the best tracks on the album. Whether you are brand new to Will’s music, or have been a […]

Tommy & The Liebermen – Common Denominator (2013)

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Original Bossa, Boogie & Bounce from Tom Lieberman (Rio Nido, Sweet Land, A Prairie Home Companion.).”Common Denominator” is the first collection of Lieberman’s original compositions, ranging from the ridiculous (“Tee Many Martoonis,”) to the sublime (“Obrigado, Corcovado.”) mp3 320 kbps | 79 MB | UL | CL

The Three O’Clock – The Hidden World Revealed (2013)

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The Hidden World Revealed is a 20-track collection from the years 1981-1986. In addition to hits from their tenure on Frontier Records like Jet Fighter and With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend, the CD features rare singles, demos and alternate takes/mixes. It helps tell the story of where the band started (as The Salvation Army) and what […]