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Toh Kay – Streetlight Lullabies (2011)

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YFor every hardcore Streetlight Manifesto fan that turns their nose up at this album, two indie-folk fans will find a new favorite singer-songwriter.
There’s only one way to pull off an album of all-acoustic renditions of your band’s previous songs: Use the best songs in the band’s repertoire to hook new listeners and make them interesting and fresh enough for old fans to still find something new. Toh Kay’s (Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto) new full-length “Streetlight Lullabies” does just that.
Not to say that there was much concern in my mind that these covers would be dull, empty, or stale. As we’ve seen with his previous work, almost all of Kalnoky’s songs have enough depth and space to move around, expand upon, or strip down.
But at first glance the idea of putting this album out seemed like Kalnoky’s way of throwing a bone to hungry fans, so to speak; we’ve been hearing the same songs for four years or more, and are all itching for some new material (if the rumors are to believed that will be sometime next year). To release this acoustic collection somewhere in (the?) between their last covers project, “99 Songs Of Revolution,” and their next original release seemed to be more of appeasement than anything else.
The majority of tracks are different enough from their Streetlight originals to honestly make me feel like I’m listening to new songs by a budding folk artist. Specifically “Watch It Crash,” “Somewhere In The Between,” “Forty Days,” “We Will Fall Together,” “Sick And Sad,” and “A Better Place, A Better Time” do a great job with this. The remaining tunes “Would You Be Impressed,” “A Moment Of Silence,” “Dear Sergio” and “The Big Sleep”are a little closer to the originals, but there is still little, if any, quality sacrificed.

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Toh Kay – The Hand That Thieves (2013)

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01 The Three Of Us
02 Ungrateful
03 The Littlest Things
04 The Hands That Thieve
05 With Any Sort Of Certainty
06 If Only For Memories
07 They Broke Him Down
08 Toe To Toe
09 Oh Me, Oh My
10 Your Day Will Come

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The Trouble With Templeton – Rookie (2013)

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TROn Rookie, The Trouble With Templeton’s second album, and their first as a bona-fide band, he offers up said musings in a slightly affected, frog-in-the throat delivery. He sells it fairly well, but it grates a little over an entire record. Offsetting this is the musical variation across the record. Rookie is rooted in plink-folk, but The Trouble With Templeton frequently burst out into a strident, wide-screen rock mode (‘Like A Kid’ even goes a bit glam rock), with a nice sideline in twitchy, polyrhythmic indie, if that’s even a thing. They make these seemingly drastic switches by barely perceptible degrees, lending Rookie a sense of flow, and suggesting the band has real craft to go with Calder’s charismatic presence.

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Lee DeWyze – Frames [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

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Lee DeWyze will be releasing his Vanguard debut entitled Frames.This new album will launch the momentous next stage of what is already a high-profile musical career. DeWyze played guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo and drums during the recording sessions, during which he collaborated with renowned producer/songwriters Toby Gad, Drew Pearson, Matthew Wilder and Phil Allen, as […]

Adam And The King Bee – Pow Wow (2012)

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This is the first album made together as a duo by the two main front men of popular and hard-working British blues/rock band The Mustangs – Adam Norsworthy, the group’s dynamic singer/guitarist, and Derek Kingaby, their much more laid-back veteran harmonica player. The Mustangs have acquired a formidable reputation and considerable following over the last […]

Betty Padgett – Didn’t Take Your Man (2013)

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The long waited soulful sound cd is completed and is aimed at the men and women—A little of this and a little of that.Betty is a veteran artist and exciting vocalist. She has a voice which demands attention and songs which have hit written all over them. In other word a quality cd. What make […]

Sean Michel – Electric Delta (2013)

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Sean Michel already turned heads for his stunning debut Back To The Delta, an album inspired by the great music traditions of the 30s and 40s. Stripped down folk and blues inspired music recorded analog in an old church, it pushed back against the modern music process. Electric Delta takes the sound from the previous […]

Okkervil River – The Silver Gymnasium (2013)

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Back with their 7th album, their first for new label ATO, Austin’s Okkervil River are once in again in fine form on their latest, “The Silver Gymnasium”. Once again straddling the line between folk and indie rock, the album serves as a nod to front-man Will Sheff’s New Hampshire upbringing, something that he drew inspiration […]