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Gary Hall – Winning Ways On Losing Streaks (2013)

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gaA fresh and soulful acoustic-based rock ‘n’ roots record that utilises all the essential ingredients of folk, blues and Americana music.

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Fred Eaglesmith
Townes Van Zandt
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Jen Cloher – In Blood Memory (2013)

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JENIn Blood Memory is the latest recorded offering from somewhat reclusive Melbournian singer-songwriter Jen Cloher. In Blood Memory is a collection of songs that seem to call from that primal place where the best music and art is made. Evanescent, ill-defined, dreamily visceral, cloudy. It is the hazy place of The Velvet Underground, Bitches Brew, one-chord blues, Mark Rothko’s blur-edged canvases.
It is also very very beautiful, with a beauty that is just beyond your grasp, and far far beyond language.
A song such as ‘Name In Lights’, the album’s second track, swings between angular rock and roll (with a nicely smacked-out ‘Wild Thing’ garage breakdown in the middle) and a frenzied ending, the band almost drowning Cloher’s “There’s nothing I can do” refrain in dervish-like intensity. This coda brings to mind that of the Beatles’.

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V A – Bluegrass Tribute to Velvet Revolver (2007)

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Ank Smiff – vocals
 Jay Weaver – upright bass
 Ernie Sykes – vocals
 Tim Crouch – guitar, mandolin, fiddle
 Randy Kohrs – dobro
 Larry Richardson – banjo

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Kimmie Rhodes – Windblown (2004)

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Windblown, featuring all new original songs by Kimmie, paints a poignant picture in song of a young woman who has exiled herself to the wilderness of the Texas Big Bend in a struggle to escape the sorrows of her bordertown life and the bad choices she has made. With exceptional performances by legendary players like […]

Gentle Giant – Memories Of Old Days [5CD Box Set] (2013)

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It’s never too much for ol’ good Gentle Giant. Especially if you are a collector and die-hard fan of progressive rock and the band. ”Memories of Old Days” is a compendium of curios, bootlegs, live tracks, rehearsals and demos 1975-1980, it is an alternative anthology covering the whole of the band’s time with Chrysalis Records. […]

The Invisible Hands – The Invisible Hands [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

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The Invisible Hands is the English translation of the band’s original Egyptian Arabic name: El Ayadi El Khafeyya. Taking almost two years to create amidst an unusual and challenging backdrop, this is the brand new project of Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls). Eleven highly crafted new songs projected through his typically dark […]

Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson – Every Song Tells A Story (2013)

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This is a compilation of tracks Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash did for the duo’s 1998 VH1 Storytellers appearance in 1998, along with their corresponding tracks on the first Highwaymen album from 1985, with one previously unreleased track, “The Human Condition,” from the Highwaymen sessions added as a bonus. There’s not a lot new here, […]