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No Age – An Object (2013)

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No-Age-An-ObjectDIY punk duo No Age have achieved a level of DIY so DIY it would rival a six-hour omnibus of DIY SOS filmed, edited and presented by Nick Knowles himself. Not only did Randy Randall and Dean Spunt write, record and produce their fourth album, they also took on the role of manufacturer, creating the artwork and even pressing it in order to “make” a record in its truest sense. The blood, sweat and tears that made An Object are certainly evident: C’mon, Stimmung is a run-in with a drunken ex, promising, “I’m still alright”, before retching and collapsing into the bar, while the mellow protest of I Won’t Be Your Generator is snarkily antagonistic (“Don’t waste my time!”) and Running From A-Go-Go paints No Age as tour-loathing sadsacks: “Crowded place/ It’s all the same/ No escaping when it pays your way.” An impressive feat indeed, but they don’t half make liberation and self-dependency sound miserable.

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Betse Ellis – High Moon Order (2013)

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BETKansas City fiddler Betse Ellis has released her second album, High Moon Order. She founded and played for the last several years with alt-country band The Wilders, but on this album she’s pulled together a group of musicians in service of her own sound. It’s a striking sound – unvarnished vocals, absolutely fiery fiddling and a variation in tempos from quietly beautiful to ferocious, especially on the upbeat punk number “The Complainer”. The original songs are strong, and the musicianship is never less than stellar. This is a diverse, well-played, really terrific album – highly recommended if you like cowpunk outfits like The Old 97’s and Whiskeytown, or other female country/folk artists we’ve featured here, like Tift Merritt and Bonnie Whitmore.

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Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes (2013)

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halfWith their spidery guitars and precise harmonies, Montreal quartet Half Moon Run are, at least on paper, the quintessential indie-rock outfit of their age – one part Fleet Foxes to two parts Arcade Fire. Certainly their debut album’s opener, Full Circle, and the sparse Unofferable wouldn’t shame either band, singer Devon Portielje’s quivering voice echoing Jeff Buckley while the music underlines that sometimes less is more. Such drama, though, is absent from Dark Eyes’ second half, most of which could have been crafted in the 90s and, for all Portielje’s efforts, is too sterile to excite.

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Everlast – The Life Acoustic (2013)

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Grammy-winner Everlast has announced an August 27th release date for his new album, “The Life Acoustic”, via his own label Martyr Inc. Records, in partnership with INgrooves. Everlast’s latest project, “The Life Acoustic” is a sort of retrospective on the singer/songwriter’s career, with a mixture of classic Everlast and House of Pain material all stripped […]

Rue Royale – Remedies Ahead (2013)

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Tracks: 01. Changed My Grip 02. Set Out To Discover 03. Tiny Parcels 04. Pull Me Like A String 05. Dark Cloud Canopies 06. Almost Ghostly 07. Carving Up Islands 08. Shouldn’t Have Closed My Eyes 09. Settle In, Settle Down 10. Try As They Might 11. Brought Up Somewhere Else 12. Every Little Step […]

Hidden Masters – Of This And Other Worlds (2013)

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With the toybox psychedelia of Tame Impala hitting the mainstream and all things “out there” becoming the sound of summer 2013, Hidden Masters have landed at just the right time with an album which is absolutely smothered with heavy psyche. It is so psychedelic in fact, that you could be forgiven for thinking you had […]