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Lia Rose – Bricks & Bones (2013)

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liBay Area country-folk artist Lia Rose is a ball of sunshine both on stage and off. But if you listened to her songs, you’d know it’s not because life’s been easy, it’s just that she’s chosen to face its struggles head on, chin up.
Rose played the Great American Music Hall with Blame Sally in early May and performed on NPR’s West Coast Live in April, where she met author Ruth Ozeki, with whom she’s currently collaborating on a song. Her second full-length solo album Bricks and Bones will be released this Sat/20, the night of her record-release party at the Chapel in San Francisco. In short, the bubbly, talented musician is doing quite well.

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Fiddler’s Green – Winners & Boozers (2013)

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1. A Night In Dublin
2. A Bottle A Day
3. No Lullaby
4. Old Dun Cow
5. We Don’t Care
6. Raise Your Arms
7. The More The Merrier
8. Buccaneer
9. Never Hide
10. Song For The Living
11. No More Pawn
12. Maria
13. Blacksmith Reel
14. Don’t Look Back
15. Old Polina
16. Into The Sunset Again

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The Shine Brothers – Hello Griefbirds! (2013)

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shIt’s been a while waiting, but finally the new album from The Shine Brothers is released . Out on Burger Records, the cassette is called ‘Hello Griefbirds!’ and is the first from the Los Angeles-based garage rockers.
Made up of Ryan Rapsys, Oak Munson, Colin Ryan, Nate Ryan (ex Black Angels), the band currently have only made the excellent ‘Climb The Ladder’ available for streaming – although it’s a big enough teaser to be very excited about what it’s going to sound like.
“Achieving an alchemic balance of sunshine pop song structures and howling devilish rhythms,” as the band describe their music, this is an album that promises to be one well worth looking out for.

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Billy Talbot Band – On The Road To Spearfish (2013)

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Neil Young’s long time bass playing compadre in Crazy Horse isn’t the most prolific frontman; this is only his second solo album and it comes nearly a decade after his debut. It’s also a long way from sounding Crazy Horse-ish. Perhaps Talbot wanted to take a break from his full time job in the amps-to-11 […]

Knut Bell – Wicked, Ornery, Mean and Nasty (2011)

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This album hinges on an authentic thread of honest and image-driven country.  The playing is superb. The voice comes honed from an awareness of what’s being sung. Tracks: 1. Skagit Days 2. Mt. Dew And Truckstop Chili 3. Wicked, Ornry, Mean And Nasty On 4. Haybales 5. Lost Highway 6. Que Dice On 7. An […]

Amy Allison & David Scott – Turn Like The World Does (2012)

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The daughter of legendary Jazz pianist and composer Mose Allison, singer/ songwriter Amy Allison has been a fixture on the New York music scene since the 1980s.  After more than a decade’s worth of critically acclaimed albums (five solo and two with her ’90s Indie Rock band Parlor James) Amy Allison has slowly gained a […]

The Meat Purveyors – Sweet in the Pants (1998)

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 Despite the relative ugliness of the band’s name (which goes double for the album title), the Meat Purveyors’ Sweet in the Pants is a surprisingly faithful slice of contemporary alt-country sounds. Leaning heavily toward progressive bluegrass, the group is distinguished by the superb vocals of Jo Walston and the supple guitar work of Bill Anderson; […]

Marty Stuart – Hillbilly Rock (2002)

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Hillbilly Rock is the epitome of what the adult Marty Stuart is all about. With a new groove that runs just left of center, while still retaining a classic country & western-bluegrass flair, Hillbilly Rock is a wild ride to what surely must be honky tonk heaven. On par with Dwight Yoakam’s debut, Hillbilly Rock […]

Charlie Louvin – Less and Less & I Don’t Love You Anymore (1964)

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Charlie Louvin scored more hits as a solo artist than as one-half of the Louvin Brothers, but his solo recordings are not nearly as well remembered. Although his solo sides for Capitol are less essential and were less successful on the charts overall, they are very good and deserve to be reissued. The title of […]