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Aynsley Lister – Home (2013)

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anDespite starting off on his musical journey through the blues in the late 90’s ‘Home’ is amazingly his tenth album to date. Aynsley Lister is one of the current crop of young blues rock musicians breaking through and rightly so as like say Jon Amor or Chantel McGregor, not only does he play tasty guitar he has a rich and strong vocal, reminding we at times of the legendary Paul Rodgers.I must admit I can’t stop playing ‘Free’, a song that has an impassioned vocals and that slow, sustained guitar beloved by Lynyrd Skynyrd on the verses before the riff kicks in on the chorus. ‘Hyde 2612′ is a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll with a slight soul edge, again more musical variety added to the pot.
The keys and organ playing of Andre Bassing stand out, never taking over a song but take them away and the songs would lose something.
As Aynsley states on his inlay sleeve ‘Music is a release for me. When I play I get lost in it and it’s a very happy place to be’. Well, listening to this fine album it applies to the listener too as this is a very happy person after listening to this album.
Jason Ritchie

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Stoney LaRue – The Red Dirt Album (2005)

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stStoney LaRue is a singer/songwriter based in Stillwater, OK, one of the leaders of a local outlaw country scene collectively dubbed Red Dirt, after the dominant topographical feature of central Oklahoma. LaRue’s debut, The Red Dirt Album, is both a personal coming-out of a fairly gifted singer/songwriter and the mission statement of an entire collective of bands, including Cross Canadian Ragweed (led by singer/songwriter Cody Canada) and Jason Boland & the Stragglers, key figures from which appear here in vocal, instrumental, and songwriting roles. It’s as if the Elephant 6 bands had been heavily influenced by Jerry Jeff Walker’s Viva Terlingua and the rest of the Luckenbach, TX, scene of the ’70s. However, LaRue’s whiskey-smooth growl of a voice and his smart, traditionalist songwriting are the focal points throughout The Red Dirt Album, a twangy, rock-influenced collection of solid two-steps, ballads, and rockers. LaRue wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs, the ringers being a sensitive reading of “Bluebird Wine,” a Rodney Crowell tune popularized by Emmylou Harris, and a triumphant, sweet version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” that closes the album. Both sound like they could be originals, testament both to LaRue’s vocal skills and strength as a songwriter.

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Shannon McNally and Neal Casal ‎– Ran On Pure Lightning (2002)

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shThis seven-song album pairs singer-songwriter Shannon McNally with Neal Casal for a potent dose of well-constructed Americana.  Casal produced mini-album with  Shannon McNally. Never before released but still ‘Americana Record Of The Month’ in Mojo after Neal’s manager sent the record to the magazine.


01. Pale Moon
02. Fierce Little Bird
03. Sunset Flood
04. John Finch
05. Swing Me Easy
06. In My Mind
07. Brings Me Back to You

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Randy Newman – Live In Germany 2006 (2013)

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Tracks: 01. Short People 02. The World Isn’t Fair 03. I Miss You 04. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear 05. You’ve Got A Friend In Me 06. Losing You 07. You Can Leave Your Hat On 08. I’m Dead (But I Don’t Know It) 09. Bad News From Home 10. Baltimore 11. The […]

Daryl Dasher – Great Big Sky (2013)

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“Great Big Sky” takes you on a journey from start to finish, and covers a range of subjects from admiration of a country sky, to a soldier’s plight, and of course love. Dasher’s strong soothing barritone voice sincerely sings every lyric he wrote, and lures the listener into his world. While Dasher calls this album […]

Trampled Under Foot – Badlands (2013)

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Given their upbringing, it’s no wonder the siblings in Trampled Under Foot have become one of the most buzzed-about blues bands. Singer-bassist Danielle Schnebelen, singer-guitarist Nick Schnebelen and drummer Kris Schnebelen lived and breathed the blues while growing up in Kansas City, a town known for its legendary scene.After several heralded self-released albums, Trampled Under […]

Anne Murray – Icon (2013)

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Tracks: 1.  Snowbird 2.  Danny’s Song 3.  A Love Song 4.  You Won’t See Me Again 5.  You Needed Me 6.  I Just Fall In Love Again 7.  Broken Hearted Me 8.  Daydream Believer 9.  Could I Have This Dance 10.  A Little Good News 11.  Now And Forever (You And Me) mp3 320 kbps […]

Tom Russell & The Norwegian Wind Ensemble – Aztec Jazz (2013)

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In May of 2012 Thad Beckman and I performed and recorded a live concert with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble. This is a world renown 31 piece horn orchestra….the results were beyond our dreams. Sometimes it sounded like Western movie music and sometimes it called up Miles Davis’ “Sketches of Spain.” They played behind us without […]