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Bethesda – The Reunion (2013)

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BEBethesda, an Akron, OH based group, is playing folk-rock – some leaning more acoustic, some featuring jangly electric guitar – but all of it featuring the soaring voice of lead singer Shanna Delaney. Their new album is The Reunion – and it’s out  April 9.Not familiar with them before hearing this record, so perhaps the effect on me of their full-formed take on Americana was even stronger. That said, must say that Delaney’s voice stands out, even among some of the talented chanteuses in the genre.

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Ellen Folley – About Time (2013)

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ELLEllen Foley has been missing from the American music scene and especially the recording studio for a long time. Some may remember her as Meat Loaf’s female foil on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Television fans may remember her as public defender Billie Young on the second season of the sitcom Night Court. Music fans in the know will remember her for three fine solo albums; Night Out (1979), Spirit Of St. Louis (1981), and Another Breath (1983). Produced by the likes of Ian Hunter, Mark Ronson, Mick Jones, and Joe Strummer, they were the equal of any female rock albums issued during that era.Her big booming voice remains intact and is still a formidable instrument. She is also very much still a rock and roll woman. While some of the tracks may veer in a blues direction, rock remains the foundation of who she is as an artist.
Three decades after her last release, Ellen Foley has returned with a mature, personal, and powerful album. Hopefully her old fans will embrace this next chapter in her life. She will find a few new fans to journey with her as well.

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Ginny Reilly – The Blues Of Bessie Smith (2013)

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GIThis is a folk-blues album, with emphasis on the vocals, and songs from a bygone era, that celebrates a great blues singer from the 1920’s.


Ginny Reilly • guitar & vocals on all songs
Orville Johnson • dobro , guitar
Eric Robert • keyboards
Tom Moran • mandolin
Eric Tingstad • nylon guitar

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Josh Pyke – The Beginning And The End Of Everything (2013)

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Considered by many as one of the most talented musicians in Australia today, Josh Pyke is about to release his fourth studio album, The Beginning And The End Of Everything. While there has been some speculation regarding the album title and whether it is Pyke hinting at retirement, Josh himself has quashed these rumours, explaining […]