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Dexys Midnight Runners – At The Royal Court (2012)

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 DEOn November 7th 2003 at The Liverpool Royal Court Theatre, Kevin and Pete share the vocal duties on many of the best known and loved Dexys songs. Kevin s fine vocal form and new suave and sophisticated style prove that Dexys still have the power to captivate their audience in this intimate and highly entertaining show. Features two previously unreleased tracks Manhood & My Life in England Includes Five Hit Singles one of which being a new extended version of Come On Eileen.


1. The Waltz
2. Old
3. Let s Make This Precious
4. Listen to This
5. Geno
6. My Life In England (Part 1)
7. Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
8. Come on Eileen
9. Because Of You
10. This is what she s like
11. Nightshift
12. Manhood

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Pat Travers Band – Can Do (2013)

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pPat Travers Band’s Can Do (out July 9  on Frontiers Records) sees the veteran rocker in fantastic shape, playing well, singing great, and writing some of the best material of his long career. Staying fit and doing the job is becoming the task for classic rockers who first made their mark in the seventies – some do it great, guys like Travers, Glenn Hughes, and many others, while some choose to still cling to bad habits and not minding that they’re giving their fans as little for their dough as they can. Travers delivers here in spades – one of the best records of his career.

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Ash Grunwald – Gargantua (2013)

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ashAsh Grunwald, Scott Owen and Andy Strachan have had an awesome time making this record and getting back to the old school nature of jamming it out garage-style  – three mates coming together, sinking a few beers and just tearing their instrument of choice to pieces. And when a racket is made like that, by three of the most talented players in the country – holy shit – it near takes your head off.

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Alan Jeffries – Coffee ‘Til Midnight (2013)

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After years of supporting many great Canadian artists, Alan Jeffries’ debut album has finally arrived. Coffee ‘til Midnight is not the romantic pursuit of an urban folkie, it is the product of someone who has grown up on the sounds and traditions of bluegrass music.Coffee ‘til Midnight’s ten tracks walk a fine line between traditional […]

King Kobra – II (2013)

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King Kobra s long-awaited reunion album King Kobra (s/t) released on Frontiers Records in 2011, left no doubt that the band was still a force to be reckoned with. Even though nearly 25 years had passed since the original line-up recorded the landmark Ready To Strike and Thrill Of A Lifetime albums, the energy and […]

Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel – Carnival (Live in Austin) (2013)

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New live album from the Rock legend and his wife and musical partner CoCo Carmel. Bobby Whitlock has not lost anything since his early days with Derek & The Dominos, in fact he has gained much more. Bobby’s voice is formidable as ever and his songwriting skills have not waned. Together with CoCo, they sing […]

Tim Vantol – If We Go Down, We Will Go Together! (2013)

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He has said he is the slowest songwriter ever, but four years after his debut, Tim Vantol‘s second full-length is finally here: “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!“. The Dutch singer is known for his punk lyrics accompanied by singalong melodies.Title song ’If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!‘ starts off with […]