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Rod Stewart – Time (2013)

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rYou wait decades for a brand new Rod Stewart song to show up, and eleven come along all at once. Time is the first new collection of original material from the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Living Legend for nearly two decades.This deluxe edition includes three bonus tracks.


01. She Makes Me Happy
02. Can’t Stop Me Now
03. It’s Over
04. Brighton Beach
05. Beautiful Morning
06. Live the Life
07. Finest Woman
08. Time
09. Picture In a Frame
10. Sexual Religion
11. Make Love To Me Tonight
12. Pure Love
13. Corrina Corrina (Bonus Track)
14. Legless (Bonus Track)
15. Love Has No Pride (Bonus Track)

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Daniel Norgren ‎– Buck (2013)

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dHe sounds like he was dipped from the depths of the Mississippi, Daniel Norgren actually comes from Sweden, but there seems to pay homage to the blues as well. If he plays, then solves the node and you have to hold, because what is there from the mid-twenties is out of the blues is so authentic that a bleeding heart.The effects seem to lie deep in the southern regions of the United States, where a song is born out of pain.

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Camper Van Beethoven -Camper Van Beethoven [Deluxe Edition] (2004)

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camperCamper Van Beethoven was one of the quintessential eighties bands. Their highly ironic worldview and eclectic musical style prefigured the nineties in some ways, and more to the point, they were just plain good. They wrote some excellent songs, and they had a really impressive repertoire of styles. It’s fitting that this album, their third, was self-titled, because it arguably captures the band at the height of its powers.

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The Dirty Guv’nahs – Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies (2012)

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Knoxville, Tennessee’s the Dirty Guv’nahs have a classic Southern rock feel that sounds a lot like the Black Crowes, or maybe the Rolling Stones, if the Stones had stopped dead at Exile on Main St. That throwback Southern sound, which the Guv’nahs do really well, is both a blessing and a curse on the band’s […]

Rosie Thomas – When We Were Small (2006)

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The mesmerizing debut outing of 24-year-old Rosie Thomas tempers folk, country, and alternative rock via sparse arrangements built upon simple acoustic guitar and piano motifs. Like Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Paula Cole, Thomas paints vivid pictures with her storytelling prose, especially on “Wedding Day” and “Lorriane,” which bemoan the loss of love with an […]

Various Artists – Joe Boyd Presents Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake (2013)

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Tracks: 1. Things Behind The Sun – Luluc 2. Place To Be – Scott Matthews 3. Fruit Tree – Green Gartside 4. Poor Boy – Shane Nicholson 5. Time Has Told Me – Krystle Warren 6. Parasite – Robyn Hitchcock 7. One Of These Things First – Danny Thomson & Zoe Rahman 8. Which Will […]

Jimmie Dale Gilmore & the Flatlanders – Unplugged (1995)

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Tracks:     01.Dallas 02.Waiting For A Train 03.You’ve Never Seen Me Cry 04.She Had Everything 05.Rose From The Mountain 06.Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown 07.Jole Blon 08.One Day At A Time 09.Bhagavan Decreed 10.The Heart You Left Behind 11.Keeper Of The Mountain 12.Hello Stranger mp3 128 kbps | 32 MB | UL

Hugh Laurie – Didn’t It Rain [Deluxe Edition](2013)

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‘Didn’t It Rain’ sees Hugh Laurie depart the sounds of New Orleans as he follows the trajectory of the blues upstream and into the American heartland. It includes songs dating back to early pioneers W.C. Handy (‘St Louis. Blues’) and Jelly Roll Morton (‘I Hate A Man Like You’) to more recent artists such as […]

Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves – Remembering (1990)

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The album contains popular hit singles by both artists on each side of the album. However the first Jim Reeves track, I Fall to Pieces was overdubbed with Patsy Cline’s version to form a duet. This was possible only because in Nashville’s early 60’s music scene when both hits were recorded, both Chet Atkins at […]