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Endless Boogie – Long Island (2013)[Repost@320]

Posted by on February 21, 2013 with No Comments
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endHere’s the third album from New York’s classic rock worshippers Endless Boogie, as they boogie endlessly (averaging about 10 minutes per song). Matt Sweeney is on it, and also helped produce, and there’s certainly similarities to his balls-out jam troupe Soldiers Of Fortune, but the animalistic ranting vocals and chugging riffs lend a slight Stooges-meet-ZZ Top air to proceedings on occasion.
It’s a hoary man-rock party whose key element is repetition; lock into a sweet classic rock riff and jam away merrily to themselves in good old fashion-proof style like the Grateful Dead or Phish or something. I’m particularly enjoying the chiming classic sounds mixed with Headsy wah-abuse in ‘Imprecations’. If I have a complaint it’s that the songs sometimes seem a little too simplistic and insubstantial to go on for as long as they do, and it’s pretty cheesy in places (and of course those places get dragged out for minutes at a time) but when they’re settled into a good hard groove and the guitars are twiddling away there’s no denying that it’s fun, and as background music while working out, painting or even “chilling” with friends it’ll satisfy your hairy inner rocker without offending your artistic sensibilities.

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