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Tokyo Rosenthal – Tokyo’s Fifth (2012)

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toTokyo’s a man who writes about the things that make him curious or that affect him deeply and then, together with producer Chris Stamey, pulls together a sound for each song that might embrace folk, rock, country or whatever seems to fit. In a sense, the musical style doesn’t matter too much because Toke’s voice is so distinctive, with its ever-present nasal catch, that his presence pretty much dominates the arrangement. So, from the sweet and tender Tex-Mex sounds of The Immigrant, to the curiously hybrid sound of Smoke and Mirrors (that sounds like a reggae rhythm,allied to Spanish guitar and a silky smooth sophisticated rock outro; somehow, it all works together well) Tokyo’s voice is the peg from which it all hangs.He chucks in one cover version on this album, The Beatles’ Helter Skelter.Besides, Tokyo writes some really good songs himself.

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AJ Downing – Good Day (2012)

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aj“A.J. Downing reminds me of a modern day Hank or Woody, writing and singing those soulful songs, not so much because he wants to, but because he has to . . . because it is his mission in life….He is the real deal”. Kent Finlay, Cheatham Street Warehouse

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Joe Filisko & Eric Noden- Missed Train Blues (2012)

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joeA lonesome train harmonica pulling out of the station opens this latest offering from Filisko & Noden, two Chicagoans who were born about 50 or 60 years too late. Their music belongs in the 1920s and very early 1930s, when country blues was in its heyday.Their latest offering which hit the store shelves late this past September, serves up 15 scrumptious cuts of phenomenal country blues, capping out at nearly 62 minutes.Except they’re not all country, or prewar, blues. As traveling bluesmen did in those days, Filisko and Noden stay true to history.   They play a little of everything that was popular in the day: Delta blues, Texas blues, country, and swing. They even slip into some jazzy riffs, as best as the musicians of the day could with a guitar, harmonica, and a good pair of leather shoes and a footboard to keep the beat. The fourth cut, “Me & Sonny,” would not sound out of place with a Tex-Mex accordion added.

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Plantman – Whispering Trees (2013)

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 Plantman is the new project from singer-songwriter Matt Randall, formerly of Beatglider, a critically acclaimed yet largely commercially unheralded US indie rock band. In ‘Whispering Trees’, Randall and friends have created a clearly defined, starkly introspective world. It’s unlikely to enjoy mass commercial success, but does offer a fine accompaniment to winter’s long, dark nights. […]

VA – Essential Mississippi Blues [Remastered] (2012)

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Disc 1 01. Gettting Old And Grey- Howlin Wolf 02. Hand In Hand- Elmore James 03. Aini t No Tellin -Missippi John Hurt 04. Peach Orchard Blues- Joe Williams 05. Black Spider Blues- Robert Jr. Lockwood 06. Stack O Lee- Mississippi John Hurt 07. Last Time Blues- Charlie McCoy 08. Ninety Nine Blues- Joe Reynolds […]