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The Keith Tippett Group – You Are Here… I Am There (1970) [Remastered 2013]

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keithEsoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a newly remastered edition of the debut album by The Keith Tippett Group. Famed Jazz pianist Keith Tippett is one of the greatest and innovative figures in modern jazz. His work has also seen him cross into the world of Progressive rock, working with King Crimson and his own outfit Centipede.
The Keith Tippett Group’s debut album was recorded in 1969 and featured a line-up of Keith Tippett on Piano, Elton Dean on Alto Saxophone, Marc Charig on Cornet (also in Soft Machine), Jeff Clyne on bass (later in Nucleus), Nick Evans on Trombone and Alan Jackson on drums. “You Are Here… I Am There” is rightly hailed as a classic of the genre.
A superb and highly sought after modern jazz – rock work, “You Are Here… I Am There” has been newly remastered and the booklet fully restores the original album artwork and includes a new essay.

mp3 320 kbps + Covers | 164 MB | UL | CL

The Reverend JohDelore – Sweet Talk for Pretty Daughters (2012)

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revJohn DeLore on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, Banjo, and harmonica;
Jay Frederick keeping the beat on his famous Slingerland Rolling Bombers; John “Betty” Bettencourt on the Bass, Zac Clark on Piano & Harmonies; Rich Hinman playing Pedal Steel, Lap Steel & a few Electric guitar licks; and Steve Lewis on Electric Guitars–both lead & Rhythm–and vocal Harmonies.
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Debonzo Brothetrs – One Damn Heart (2012)

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Debonzo Brothers consists of Jeff and Keef Debonzo on vocals and guitars, and also drummer Chris Hibbard, Jay Shirley on keys and Jimmy Thompson on bass. They previously released the EP “Places”, and their debut album is rock solid and presents very melodic americana complete with great lyrics and well crafted melodies that really catch your attention.Both brothers sing on the album, which gives you that little piece of variation, making sure you never get tired of one recurring voice. Not that you would, they both have great voices.The band released the EP “Places” in 2010, where Joe Kwon from the Avett Brothers were one of the contributors. And recently, they released the reason I’m writing this article – the LP “One Damn Heart”. Members from American Aquarium are among the friends helping them out, and most noticeably Whit Wright kicks ass on the pedalsteel. You can judge the quality of a band by their pedalsteelplayer – and American Aquarium has got one of the best out there.

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Erin McKeown – Manifestra (2013)

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The Massachusetts-based singer/ songwriter delivers a supremely listenable record that employs gorgeous melodies, intriguing rhythmic structures, and arrangements that are brilliantly alive—yet never for the sake of how “awesome” the production sounds. Manifestra is a smart record even before the lyrics are considered. But the lyrics, excavating cultural betrayal,hypocrisy and (un)awareness’ inertia, are a massive […]

The National Rifle – Almost Endless (2013)

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There are ways to deal with frustration and disappointment through music. You could take the pouty, solitary route – and certainly, singers from Nick Drake to Night Beds have done that with breathtaking results. You can do the aggro-bummer thing –  f course of the nu-metal nadir of aughties angsty “modern rock.” Or, you could […]

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Beats (2013)

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A new remix project focusing on Mike Oldfield’s 1973 genre-defining new-age smash Tubular Bells ends on a stirring note, as the multi-instrumentalist is joined by ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen on the finale “Never Too Far.” Oldfield has found, in the Finnish three-octave wonder, someone whose voice fits seamlessly into every flowing eddy, every rivulet of […]

Chris Stamey – Lovesick Blues (2013)

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The strummy, ringing pop/rock of his older albums and last year’s successful DBs reunion Chris Stamey is a far cry from the orchestrated, dreamy chamber music that dominates his first solo release since 2004. Tinkling pianos, vibes, tablas, brushed drums, string quartets and the singer’s innocent, laid back vocals all make this wistful gem perfect […]

Richard Lindgren – Grace (2012)

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Mary Gauthier says: “From my first listen, I believed the songs of Richard Lindgren. I believed he was telling me the truth, that he was a trustworthy singer and writer. That he does it in ENGLISH, when his native tongue is Swedish, is astonishing to me. This is no small feat. Richard Lindgren’s songs introduce […]

Holly Williams – The Highway (2013)

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New album from the singer/songwriter who just so happens to be the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. (which also makes her Hank III’s sister and Hank Sr.’s granddaughter). Featuring 11 original compositions of ”serious-minded, heavy-hearted songwriting,” (Nashville Scene), all songs were either written or co-written by Williams. Writing collaborators include Christopher Coleman, Lori McKenna, Sarah […]

Great White Buffalo – Great White Buffalo [EP] (2013)

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After working diligently for the last 6 weeks,  brand new self-titled EP is finally done and ready for consumption. Tracks: 01. Thanks For Nothing 02. Likely Story 03. In The Fold 04. Teeth 05. Sleepwalk 06. Burn mp3 320 kbps | 58 MB | UL | CL

Scott Walker – Bish Bosch (2012)

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His first album in six years is extraordinary: vast in scope but solipsistic, a universe all its own. At its core is the 21-minute ‘SDSS14+13B (Zercon – A Flagpole Sitter)’, a grotesque patchwork of hellish orchestration, ineffable musique concrète, shockingly brutal guitar noise and oppressive emptiness. And above it all is Walker’s timeless voice, intoning […]

Eric Burdon – Til Your River Runs Dry (2013) [Repost]

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Eric Burdon never stopped working but he did effectively disappear, falling away from the spotlight sometime before the Animals were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. He kept touring, kept recording, but was decidedly underneath the radar until Bruce Springsteen made him a centerpiece of his 2012 South by Southwest […]