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La Caravane Passe – Gypsy For One Day (2012)

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LAFor this fourth album, the group proposes to slip into the skin of an urban nomad of the 21st century and bring a modern look to the sedentary around us. 12 songs to make you feel like a gypsy for one day, nationally independent and without fixed territory.La Caravane Passe was formed in 2001 by Toma Feterman, who has ancestors of Polish, Rumanian and Jewish Russian origins. A self taught multi-instrumentalist, Toma sings as well as playing the banjo and the trumpet. Between 2001 and 2003, the band becomes popular in Paris, acquiring a reputation as a celebratory gypsy-klezmer ensemble.

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Anthroprophh – Anthroprophh (2013)

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antAnthroprophh is a “psych space rock project.Over the course of the last 20 years or so, Bristol’s The Heads have steadily matured from a fairly marginal psych-grunge / stoner outfit into a band with a fully fledged cult status. This is in spite of the fact that they have seemed to have been on a semi-permanent hiatus for a good while now. Live dates and a positive tsunami of archive releases have kept them firmly in the imagination in their growing legions of fans, and have also served to widen fissures that have exposed some of the more esoteric influences that drove the band. There are any number of US psych rock bands willing to attest to the lasting influence of The Heads, not least one Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / Moon Duo fame.

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Alan Hull – We Can Swing Together [2CD] (2005)

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allanIn the early 70s Lindisfarne made Newcastle and its Brown Ale famous. For a short time they were the darlings of the press, concert audiences and the pop charts, outselling Elton, Marc and Rod. The songs that took them there, apart from the notable exception of Rod Clements’ Meet Me On The Corner, were the work of Alan Hull who somehow managed to mix working class ethics, human frailty, poetic imagery, a love of tabs, wine and beer with melodic and memorable tunes.
The Lindisfarne classics are all in this fine collection – Lady Eleanor – possibly the only hit single inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, We Can Swing Together, Fog On The Tyne – in it’s pre-Gazza glory, the beautiful Winter Song and the anthemic Clear White Light. But these are only part of the story.
We Can Swing Together, with excellent sleeve notes by David Wells, draws together Hull’s earliest Beatlesque cuts by the Chosen Few, rare early solo cuts, experimental tracks backed by Skip Bifferty, the obvious hits, samples of his fine Pipedream and Squire solo albums and some of his best songs from the reconvened Lindisfarne lineups. Although the later stuff occasionally suffers from the curse of 80s production Hull’s songs like One Hundred Miles To Liverpool and the acerbic Day of The Jackal are still up there with his best. We also get a taste of his live work including a great version of Pipedream’s Breakfast.
At the time of his fatal heart attack in 1995 at the tragically young age of 50 Hull was working on a new album, completed by his friends and released as Statues and Liberties. Tracks featured here show that Hull was still writing strong material at the end. The set fittingly ends with a blistering live Clear White Light from 1977, always a highlight of Lindisfarne shows. We Can Swing Together is a great introduction to the work of one of the best British songwriters. Over two CDs it captures some of his finest moments and tantalisingly leaves out many others. Anyone intrigued by this collection should hunt out all the early Lindisfarne albums, the Hull solo albums and especially the live solo recordings.

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Don Rich – Sings George Jones (2013)

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Sometime during the height of Buck Owens’ Hee Haw-fueled popularity, somebody decided it was a good idea to have Buck’s lieutenant Don Rich record his own solo album. And so somebody — probably Buck, as he was always the one running the show — decided that Rich should step up to the mike and record […]